Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, Mom's off...

     Getting mom off to the airport was interesting to say the least.  We were experiencing 60 mile and hour winds here.  Yes 60 miles an hour.  It sounded like a tornado when you were in the airport.  Her knees buzzed off the machine and they almost completely undressed the poor woman.  Then they did not like her carry on which had 2 large individual twice a day pill cases in it, that I swear they went through pill by pill.  Then when she finally got through they started to hold flights.  We have a very small airport that serves a 4 city radius of about 30 miles.  We have a population base of about 120,000 in four 30,000 towns.  The pilot of Delta airbus came on and said it was the worst landing he had experienced in the 11 years he had been flying and I am sending my mother back up in that thing?  They finally cleared her for take off but I was at the airport for 3 .5 hours.

     She was delayed in Denver because of the snow and and did not get to St Louis until 1 in the morning.  My poor mommy I don't think we will be sending her alone again.  This was not good.  She is already terrified about coming back.  Maybe we could fly a grand kid with her round trip.  I don't think my sister can take any more time off.  But at least she is there in one piece.

     We had a good rehearsal last night and I continued pulling costumes.  My list is getting longer but is still not unmanageable.  As it continues to grow it will become unmanageable, trust me.  Thanks goodness for my Ballet Mistress who has a love /dislike relationship with me.  She is so good and helpful at so many things.  I have to love her when she isn't driving me crazy. 

     We had such high winds all day yesterday and then it hit Moscow where our daughter goes to college.  I received a Vandal alert call from campus  at about 8:30 p.m. that students were not to enter campus, and if they were on campus to stay in the buildings as trees were blowing down and power lines were down.  I just knew that B was in a lab.  I called her and she did not answer which told me she was in a class.  So I text her and she immediately called me back.  Yes she was in lab.  Someone was coming down the hall yelling Vandals alert and they were kept in the building until the campus was safe enough to walk through.  She called me about 10:15 and said she was running to her car with others she was going to take home.  Many students do not have cars.  I kept her on the phone until she was in her car. Then told her not to park under trees when she was taking people home and to call me when she arrived home and was in her apartment.  She said the town was a mess.

     Daughter #2 is with out power and heat in Spokane Washington.  She sent pictures of them sleeping around the fireplace last night and drinking coffee heated up on a camp stove.  True pioneers.  I guess Seattle took a real hit. We just have leaves every where but no downed trees in our yard.

     I have plenty to do, so I had better get my butt in gear before I hit the studio.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Your poor mom - what an ordeal! Glad she made it safely

  2. Oh, your poor mother. I would not ever want to get onto a plane again after all that. I am terrified of flying anyway even though I have never turned down an opportunity to fly. I think flying a grandchild with her is a very good idea.

    Good luck with the show.

    Have you entered my giveaway?

  3. What is it with the wind these days? We had two days with high wind warnings last week and then again today. Where is it coming from? Oh, I know, from your neck of the woods!!