Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday,I am my mother's daughter....

     Yesterday I took mom up to see her new dentist.  She needs two crowns on existing crowns that were going bad with age.  Just getting her out the door is a triumph.  Getting her bathed, dressed, hair done. pills taken, fed.  Do you have your purse?  Do you have your meds?  Do you have your tooth?  I swear I am going to hang that thing around her neck.  Her list of meds is a mile long and we or I should say she can never find a copy for all these new doctors.  So I did not argue when she wanted to take a big yellow grocery bag with all her meds.  Since one of my good friends works at the office I could finally get a list of what was really a medication and what snake oil she is taking.

      We get to the dentist,  She has taken out her tooth at home.  She pulls out her bag of meds and hands it to the receptionist, who opens it.  It is a yellow trash bag full of soda cans she has collected.  She goes around the house and collects cans and saves them in the trunk of her car.  We just recycle them into the city recycling bin as you can take a whole car load of cans in here and get under $5.00.  Not worth your time, mess or aggravation.  Mom thinks she will get to Hawaii on these cans.  ( like she could survive the flight)  Hubs and I just humor her.  It is her routine to putter through the house with a yellow grocery sack.

     So I go back home for her tooth and her meds.  By the way this was all my fault, but as I am used to taking the blame for everything that goes wrong around here I am used to the honor.  I get back to the office and they are ready to treat mom.  It will take a couple of hours so I run down to Winco to get some groceries mostly for her.  Winco is having a huge meat sale.  Chicken thighs, and legs are $.48 a pound.  Boneless skinless breasts are $1.48, the good ground beef in 10 lb tubes is $2.98.  Needless to say I stocked up!  When I came out of the store I loaded the yellow plastic bags in the back seat and then locked the car and took the grocery cart back.  When I returned I presses the unlock button on the key fob and it did not work.  I could hear it but the locks did not disengage.  I did this about three times and a voice from my far left says, " Ma'am that is the wrong car."  I look up and there is a man about 95 years old driving a( okay that is an exaggeration he was about 96)  handicap van in a handicap spot looking out his window watching me.  Mom's car is one over.  I am trying to open the wrong car. So who knows maybe I did put a bag of cans in with her medicines.

     When I picked mom up she was very hungry and they told me not to let here eat anything chewy like caramels.  She also needed to be careful not to bite her front lip and she would have some swelling and pain.  I take her to Taco Time as that is where she wants to go.  The first thing she does is bite her lip which bleeds like a stuck pig and then proceeds to swell the size of my fist.  Oh this was a fun day.  Got her home and still had to burst all that meat into smaller portions.  She insisted on helping after taking a pain pill.  Then she had to deep clean my fridge and freezer.  I finally got her to lay down and put ice on her lip which when she woke up was quite painful.  I swear taking care of a fussy baby is easier.

     Today Mom has a trip to get a shot in her eye.  I found a retinal specialist in Clarkston.  Then tomorrow she is back to the dentist.  Needless to say all these trips really cut into my time.  Still haven't figured that one out yet. At least she is pleasant.

    I must really work in the shop today and plan on finishing my battle routine tonight.  I am actually getting excited for the Nutcracker.  Somebody pinch me please.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Well I actually opened the hatch of a (obviously unlocked) car at Safeway that looked just like mine. My first thought was "Gray interior?" Maybe I shouldn't be driving! It was also much cleaner than my car.

  2. I look into every white Malibu and am shocked that someone would steal my boxes and all the garbage on the floor. Every time, without fail, it takes me time to realize I am not looking into my own filthy inside-and-out car! If I had a nickel for every time I have carried the wrong bag from the house to the car to WM for a return, I would be wealthy. A shot in the eye? Sedate me now!

  3. You have a heavy burden, my friend. You are a good soul.