Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, seriously I am back...

      I had a wonderful Christmas and hope all of you had the same.  Our grandson came down with a high fever and a bad flu/cold the day we arrived.  It was down hill from there.  Although I was able to get many things done it was hard with a cranky 4 year old.  He was so miserable.  Daughter had so much court that I tried to get up with him at night.  So my sleep was off. 

      Hub's went 2 hours back to get his folks and bring then in for Christmas.  I sewed 3 maternity suits for daughter.  But I only was able to compete one blouse and I had material for three.  I will get them done this month at home.  My old, old, old sewing machine (or one of them) was at her house and I always sew on that.  I sewed her wedding dress and her husbands weddings on that old machine, but it was really acting up and finally died.  So I bought a new machine and a new  serger both I desperately needed for the shop.  I was able to get a really good deal on them at Christmas so I was thrilled.  Made sewing a breeze.

     I got a Janome like Carla's.  It sews beautifully.  I will keep my old machine for mom.

     We ate like kings over Christmas and I have to lose some weight as all my clothes are tight.  Blah I hate that, but I will not buy new clothes.

     I came home to my mom and my Sissie!  We have been having such fun.  I also brought home my grandson's plague.  I have been quite sick with a bad cold.  Sissie is a gourmet cook and she has been force feeding me  because I am heavier than her and she loves that (bit%^).  She is a fireball and I am having trouble keeping up with her, but than I am not feeling well. 

     We have Christmas down and almost packed.  She rearranged the front room and I love the way it is done.  Sissie has an eye for design.   Today we are working on the shop which has needed love for a long while.  Hub's has all his books from his office in there and it is a cramped mess.  But Sissie to the rescue she will fix it and I will love it.  The problem is she can out work me 7 days to Sunday, plus I have this awful cold and I just drip, drip, drip behind her skinny a$$. By the way "too much info" but I wish I just dripped from my nose......

     Well I need to go make my bed Sissie insists on a clean house and she will check on me and I will be in trouble.

     So proud and happy for Sarah.  I was really worried that the car wreck would derail her, but no she is back on top and now I must really work to get back in the game.  I have idea's.  I have skills don't you worry.

Have a great and productive day.


  1. Sounds like our Christmas - lots of sickness. Luckily, this time not me. Aunt Flow was particularly long and painful, so no help there. We all just sat around! LOL

    My Singer is killing me. I need one that does jig jag stitches for my applique, but this one does not thread correctly 1/2 the time and it drives me insane. I love the outside threading of the Juki, the internal ones I am done with. I deal though.

    Hope you are feeling better! You are amazing - Christmas down already?

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