Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, I love my country, but?

     Why does the big Military ball have to occur every year the same weekend the Nutcracker open?  Why do Military men wait until the last minute to get their uniforms updated?  I only had 7 come in yesterday.  Everyone knows how much I love these uniforms.  Complain, whine, sniff.

     Rehearsal last night was okay.  It actually went quite well.  I only had to squash my ballet Mistress about 10 times.  I would not let her come over after rehearsal last night to work on costumes.  Then she tried the I will work on the program which would have to be done here and my Board Pres stopped that, thank goodness.  Things have been a little rough but at least she is not living here.  I did not need her bothering me and badgering me until late in the evening.  I need down time and sleep.  She has such control issues and needs to let go and realize that things will get done and it will be fine.  Yes there will be problems and mistakes but the average age of our dancers is 9.  They are little kids and young people doing a great job!

     I have several alterations plus one costume to make today before I start on my military stuff.  I have most of it ripped.  I just want it over.

     It is the same old argument with Ballet Mistress.  I will get my work done in the shop first and then costumes.  I make no money with the studio.  Extra money goes to debt and taxes.  I have to concentrate my efforts where it pays my bills.  She wants me exclusively to work on Nutcracker things and I will not.  It will get done. It will get done in time but at my time schedule. Last night I ripped military uniforms I did not need her over here nagging me.

     So much is happening right now, Hub's last day of work is Friday.  Yikes!

It snowed last night a little and it has been very cold, but is supposed to warm up this weekend.

Sluggy has another give away so go post a comment or I am going to win a gain and you all know how I like to win!.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Good for you for putting your money earnings before other things. It's a hard thing to do sometimes

  2. You and Sarah are pretty much neck and neck! This is an exciting race! I'm very proud of how you handled your ballet teacher - good for you for taking a much needed break. I worry too much about getting things done too but they always do get done somehow. Worry doesn't help.