Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday, Christmas will find you...

     We are trying to get Christmas put away in this house, well every where but in our hearts.  ( I am so eloquent, Sluggy get back here)  It just keeps popping up.  It finds me in every room I swear.  There are piles of Christmas still to be boxed.  Mom's rooms are especially hard as I think she hides stuff and brings it out when I am not looking.

     Sissie continues to cook gourmet meals.  Last night was prime rib soup with pop overs the size of my head.  I ate two :).

     Today we are going to work in and on my shop.  I am at the point in this business that I need to be more organized.  Organization is not one of my strong suits.  The shop is always a mess.  Now sewing is messy but I have no place to put things coming in and no place to keep things in order.  I just have piles and it is aggravating.  I do have a system but my mother thinks it is nuts and my Sissie well I won't tell you what she thinks.  It works for me but with tons of stress.  So they are going to organize me I guess.  I am very hard to organize. ( that was for you Dave)

     Hub's and Sis are out right now looking for things to help with the project.  I am a skinflint and Sissie just buys what is needed.  She is right in the fact that you should not be in business unless you are serious.  It does not present a good face to the customer.

     Sissie and mom had a plumber come last night and put in a new garbage disposal and fix the plumbing under the sink.  It has been leaking for over a year.  Now it is flooding and you can't use 1/2 the sink.  I have not had a working disposal for a while.  I did not want to do this as I am going to remodel the kitchen (someday) and I do not want to waste the money.  So I just clean the mess up every time with towels.  Okay, okay I know that is crazy.  Sometimes I have to have someone come in  and point out my crazy.

     Well I have a ton of people coming in so I had better go and fix my witchy poo hair and paint on a face that does not look like a pie.

Out My Window:  We have had a light dusting of snow.  Huge flakes fall so pretty but they melt.

 Have a great and productive day.



  1. "So they are going to organize me I guess."

    I like Sissie. Clearly she is very stubborn. ;-)


  2. Sometimes it takes someone outside of the frame to grasp the whole picture! Hope Sissie can be the organizer for you. I need an organizer, but then I also need a personal assistant to keep things organized after the initial organization

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