Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1st 2016, Sissie has gone home:(

     The beginning of a new year, how exciting.  Sissie is on a plane on her way home and I will miss her.  The one nice thing about having mom here is that the girls will have to visit here more often.  Yeah!  Sissie as usual was a whirl wind.  She really helped me with the house so I feel that I can start the new year with a fresh face.

     The front room is together.  Now I do need to replace the sofa and chairs but I will find them in time.  It is just that the arrangement is done and I like it very much.  She also helped and motivated me to redo my organization in the shop.  I love it and I am sure it will help a great deal.

     When I look at all that has happened in the  last year I am overwhelmed.  It was a very busy year, with major changes.  I picked mom up at the end of March and from there on it was dead run.  I made 12 round trips to Missoula which is 4 hours each way over the worst road in America.  Her situation had been grim for several years but it had gone beyond anything she could control.  Trying to get her convinced that she could no longer live where my brother resided was so difficult.  I hope I am never faced with the choice of having to give up on one of my children.  We had to get her out of Missoula and it took all three of us girls to do  the job.  I got to deal with the resentment.  It was not fun.  Sometimes it is still not fun.

     D#2 called June 1st to say she was engaged. Wedding  planned for October.
     I had the busiest Wedding summer ever.
     Found out D#2 was pregnant to her surprise in late July, she married immediately and went on a honeymoon.  I was very upset and an emotional wreck.  She was not raised like this and her older sister had been trying to get pregnant for the last few years after losing a set of twins.  As a mother I did not know how to handle this situation. Then at the end of July we find out Daughter #1 is pregnant.  We were not going to give D#2 a Wedding, but Hub's parents said that was wrong and holding a grudge, so the Wedding was back on.
     I organized and did a Wedding for a dance student in August, 7 dresses.
     I sewed 5 dresses and helped with another dance student in September.
     Mom moved in the end on September.
     D#2 married in ceremony in October.
     Nutcracker opened the first week in December.
     D#3 graduated big party!
     Hub's retired big party!

My life has changed significantly.  My mother is living with me and my husband is home full time.  I am gong to have two more grandsons this spring. 

     What has not changed is that I am still working as much as I can within the limits of my arthritis.  I feel that I spend a great deal of time managing the disease. I still have the studio, but with a great deal of help and I love my students.

     Did I have goals for the year?  yes.  Do I feel like I completed them?  To a point.  More on this tomorrow.

Have a great New Years day!



  1. I am in awe of everything you accomplish!

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  3. Wow you had quite a year. I hope 2016 is less stressful and full of blessings for you and your family!

  4. In my best physical condition, your last year would have killed me! I have two daughters and have had to deal with one having a miscarriage. Thankfully, I have not had to face a pregnancy out of wedlock. That would be hard to deal with because my girls were not raised that way either. Of course, I have had my trials. It seemed like your mother had lived there longer, but I did not have a laptop for months and then had to deal with no internet. So, I think things were lost to me. Babies in the spring...yay.