Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday/Monday, starting to baby

     Well D#2 due in this weekend and have not seen hide nor hair nor belly of her.  She stopped at her younger sister's up at University and I do believe they are having fun without me.  That will last only until the money runs out.  Ha!

     Mom and I sewed for the babies yesterday.  Mom made 3 receiving blankets and I did a wall hanging.  Then we made 2 blankets for D#1.  D#1 has everything for a little boy and she will use the same nursery things.

     I love that D#1 has always made over 6 figures and still lives a students life style.  Her little boys room has my old dresser from when I was born that has been rebuilt.  She dumpster dove the headboard, and her side table is from goodwill and painted to match the room.  She has the old toy box  my grandfather made me.  She is her mother's daughter.  She will reuse everything and then pass it on to others.

     D#1 is a start from the beginning. Her dad and I will help with nursery set up.  Not because we have to but because we want to do this.  I only had one really nice nursery set up and I know babies don't care, they will sleep in a dresser drawer.  I had a beautiful nursery for Franka and it all had to be dismantled and returned before I arrived home from the hospital. So I have this thing about nurseries.   I would never allow myself to have one.  Not so much as a diaper or a t-shirt ready.  I am reliving my spawning years:)


     I am staying up too late at night and I need to do something about that habit.  Mom made apples pies yesterday and they are delicious.  I regained the weight I lost last week:(  I am bad.  Well fed but bad.

     Mom has appointments today.  Hubs will take her to the later one as I will be teaching.  He by the way just took a load of yard waste to the dump, with out a threat or anything.  Wow!

     I loved Sluggies repeat post about organization.  I had a couple of boxes of Christmas that had things on top and I thought I need another container.  Then I stopped myself.  NO.  I remembered Sluggies post from last year and the year before.  I just stuffed that crap in the boxes I already had and called it good enough.  Actually mom has added, but no new boxes.  See how powerful Sluggies influence is in my life. Also Sis came and really had me declutter things.

    I need to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Why did you dismantle and return the nursery things? All my nursery stuff was not new except for the bed Daddy bought. Mama found a bassinet at a yard sale. Since I do sew well, everything looked great.

    1. My daughter passed away and my family was afraid to have me return to a set up nursery.