Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday, Jan 3rd, new church time.

     We have switched church times to afternoon.  I don't like afternoon church as I love to take a long Sunday afternoon nap.  Now I can sleep in and I love that.  I slept well last night.  I was asleep by mid-night and slept hard with deep dreams until 8.  It was great.

     Mom was sick last night about 11:30.  She is sleeping fine now, I think?  Just checked, yes she is breathing.:)

     Went out to dinner at a steak house with good friends last night it was fun.  Split with hub's and mom had shrimp.  Lovely.  I am cooking some kind of chicken for dinner today.

     Tomorrow the studio opens and I am excited.  I miss my kids and I will be glad to get back into a schedule, even if it means more work.

     Mom and I looked for chairs yesterday and found a few even brought home fabric swatches, but I am not sold yet.  My biggest problem is that I usually buy furniture I can recover.  I bought this Queen Ann set 17 years ago, but no longer have the hand strength to do the recovering.  At the prices they want I am tempted to give it a try, if hubs could help me some with the stretching.  My father-in law and I took a college course one semester years ago in furniture recovering.  Like 32 years ago to be exact and we recovered many pieces together.  It is a thought. I would certainly save money and have exactly what I want.
The frames are in great condition.  This would be a nice project for January.  Mom would enjoy being part of this process.

     Last year our goal was to down size and we did quite well at it, until we realized mom was moving in to our house.  That flew out the window.  Just trying to keep her from adding crap ( and I mean crap) to her room and bath is a full time job.

     One goal I have for the year is to really keep track of shop money's and expenses.  I used to write everything down in a note book but that went out the door a few years ago.  I also had a budget written down for monthly expenses, studio and home.  I checked off bills as they were paid.  I really need to do that again.  Don't know why I stopped.  So that will be something I do to make my life easier.  It night even keep my desk a little neater.....

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.





  1. I understand totally your upholstery issue. I recovered several pieces a year or so ago and found even with the stretcher I still had trouble gripping it to get the webbing as tight as I needed. Fortunately Son2 is still young and has no arthritis, so my stretching issue was resolved. With the price of fabric (local store was going out of business and all fabrics were 3 bucks a yard) I had time and under 150 bucks including the price of the furniture for 5 pieces.

  2. How about some ready made slips from a place like Surefit? I have included a link here to a favorite blog of mine, "The Grower's Daughter." For $50 ea, she has some nice slipcovered wing chairs and washable!

    I'm selling a lot online this year, so I am keeping better tabs on expenses too.

  3. There are times to do it yourself and times when you need someone else's help. This might be one of those times for you to get someone else. Either way, no need to rush!

  4. I took upholstery classes for a few years. We could use all supplies for free. The commercial machine made the job of sewing easy without ruining my machine. The cutting tables were a dream. I managed to upholster many items. I could not do it now. Don't hurt your hands so that you cannot use them for your shop sewing. Having someone do the stretching of material for stapling would be just the thing for me! The male teacher and students helped me when things got to be too much, like putting in those wavy springs, not the coiled ones.

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  6. I have reupholstered a few things, it was fun and I was so proud of my work. It was easy things like the cushions on chairs but still.........
    My 2016 to do list is to cut back on everything. I say that every year and I normally do manage to cut back but then something else goes up.