Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday, Lot's to do today!

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I would have liked.  Mostly due to customers coming to pick up and the fact that I slept so poorly the night before.  Last night was better, but have a chemo headache this morning.  It is always something.

     Today will be busy.  I have to take mom and do several errands.  Go to bank, pay house payment and pay water bill.  We need to go to Joann's.  My iron is kaput and they are on sale today.  I also have some housework to do.  That is never ending. By the way what is for dinner?  I know mom will be asking before too long.

     I think Hub's is going stir crazy.  We will see how long this retirement free time will last.  Poor darling.  Poor Kim.  I am still working like a mad man.  But he is spending so much time in the yard and that will be so nice come spring.  I really love yard work, I just have a hard time fitting it into the schedule.  I know I will always have to do the fine work, but not have to do the heavy is great!

     I need to fix up this blog to track my pay offs of the little creeping bills.  So a major revamp is on the way. Now to find the time to be left alone to do the changes.

     See totals on the side for pay-off amounts that I have to make before I can.......

Mom wants breakfast.  Sigh......

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That $17,000.00 and change on the costumes, building etc...that isn't for you to pay off is it? Mom keeps you hopping eh? Could she join hubs in the yard??

  2. I hope you were more productive today!