Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday,close to home today

  Mom is in a funk and I will be watching her closely.  I think she is lonely and I don't know what to do.  Hub's and I will be leaving and I want her to go with but she does not want to and that is a worry.  Maybe I can get B to come down for the day.

     I was a wreck yesterday in the shop.  I kept making stupid mistakes.  I still have one I have to fix.  Three mistakes on the same dress.  This is not like me.  I finally quit and went out and trimmed a few bushes with hub's.  I think I needed to get outside in the weather.

     There are three wedding dresses in the shop that all need work so I have a great deal to do.  I finally was able to get the 5 bridesmaid dresses hemmed and steamed. Hopefully they will be picked up today.

     So far I have done really well on my goal of writing things down in the shop.  I will pay bills and have written out everything so I can keep track.

    The back door has a pile of things by it that need to find homes.  I will work on this today.  As you enter the shop it should look neat and it is kind of sloppy.  Some of this is mom's need to pile crap around.  You should see her bathroom.  Not an inch of space left.  Every surface covered with things she thinks she needs out.  Put the crap away already.  Okay I am getting testy and this is not good.

     I had better get up and get moving or I am going to be cranky like mom:)

have a great and productive day!


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  1. I am on the war path here as well. I have 5 able bodies living in this house and only 2 are pulling more than their weight. I don't expect a perfect house, but I do expect the kids to pick up after themselves.

    I know what you mean about the front area looking neat. I did nothing but clean today and meet with customers. Some days you just have to focus on organization!

    Good job with keeping track of things! I am almost there as well, I have a little better of a job to do!