Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, This is what happens....

     You know what happens when you are a grouch and have negative thoughts, then you sit around feeling sorry for yourself?  Well you (or I) quit paying attention and then you are really in a pickle.

     So yesterday after my post, I kicked myself in the rear and made myself go upstairs and get a few things done so I could at least feel that I had accomplished something.  After drying my chia pet hair and putting on my face, I made the bed, put away some laundry and then hit the kitchen.  Well hit the kitchen is a small small way of saying I made a big mess.

     I wanted mom to make a chicken pie with leftover chicken and gravy she had made but I knew I would have to make the crusts.  There is no use in making crust for one pie.  If you are making the mess, just make a whole bunch.  So 6 crusts later I am still waiting for her to come upstairs.  I cubes potatoes, carrots, onions, realized that I was out of frozen peas.  Sent Hub's to store for two small bags of peas.  He came home with to extra large bags of peas.  I was just finishing the chicken filling when mom finally came upstairs.  I had two large chicken pies ready for the freezer and two crusts to fill.  So mom chopped up ham, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and cheese and we made two quiches as we always have extra eggs if I don't give them away.  We were going to have oyster stew for dinner, but the half/half was turning so I used it in the quiche.  We froze one and had the other for dinner. 

     Hub's comes up in the middle of this disaster and says, "Don't you need to be in your shop?"  Hub's is now sporting several burns across his body from my lazer vision.  Okay so the kitchen was a mess.  Mom and I cleaned it up in about 15 minutes(we work at about the same speed) then I mopped the floor.  I was some what out of my doldrums having given Hub's a good lashing and I went downstairs while the quiches cooked to finish a wedding dress.

     Hey I was getting my shi% together and I was starting to feel like maybe I could make it through the day. Then I get a phone call at about 2 p.m. from my accountant.  Don't forget my tax appointment.  Yeah I know it is Tuesday afternoon.  I'll be there.  No it is Monday morning at 10 a.m.  Hell's bells. I planned to do taxes all day Monday.  In the past I have left them scattered all over the dining room and taken a week to do them and then realized I just need to kick my butt and get them done in one day.  So now I have to really get the old A$$ in gear.  So after I had a panic attack, I went downstairs and hemmed a few more pairs of  pants and then started to organize the desk.

     I taught my dance classes, and came home and paid the bills for the month and started on the tax monster.  Now the shop looks like it took a hit from a tornado.  I have a meeting at 11:00 to story board the spring show and it has been on the books for a month so I don't dare cancel.

     I am in for one he)) of a weekend.  At least I am not depressed:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Burns from laser vision. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Good luck getting your taxes together. I might try to sit down and do mine tomorrow. I just hate tax season.

  3. Is being stressed better than being depressed? Yes, I guess so because you can get things done as a result of stress but being depressed just puts you on the couch. (at least that's the way it works around here!) Good luck with the taxes - I think yours are much more complicated than mine!