Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, Goals....

     I think I have an idea or an idea for a goal I would like to try.  My relationship with money is not an easy one.  I really don't like money, yet it is necessary.   I really like money as it is necessary.  If I was really wealthy I would probably be giving money away right and left.  I have always wanted a trust named after myself.  Hum... that isn't going to happen.  But a girl can dream. 

     There are so many things I need to do concerning money and the one I have been working on forever is getting out of debt.  That is happening slowly.  In the mean time life goes on and I am living that life.  So saying that what is my wild plan this year to keep at the same thing I have been working on FOREVER?

     I really liked last year how I put extra monies from secret shopping and unexpected money onto the car loan and paid it off early.  That was fun and we all know how Kim likes her fun.  I will continue that idea this year.  I have to pick a debt to put said monies toward.  Oh Gordie I get to pick a debt!  Like I love doing this because there are so many to choose from.  Well not as many as there used to be, but life can snag you in a moment and create debt where there was none.

     I am going to do another secret shop today.  Mom needs to go to Wal mart so it is an easy shop.  Kind of silly, but look at the blog it does add up.  If you are consistent it adds up quite quickly. I have many small bills right now mostly medical or repair bills that need to be paid.  I need to tick these off so I can get to the big stuff.  The big stuff meaning the house.  It will happen.  I just keep telling myself. 

     I need to spend time cleaning up the blog, so stay tuned  and I will reveal my new strategy for debt pay off.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I love to follow debt pay-offs. Keep it coming!

  2. I too love watching people pay off their debt. I still feel as if I am a bit behind from the holidays. I don't have debt from that but I am trying to pay off our $6000 car loan fast. It's always something but if you do make a game out of it, it helps.

  3. Can't wait to hear about it! It is FUN (my golly we're nerds!) to watch debt decrease over the months til it's GONE!