Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday, If I am good...

          If I am good and stick to my plans on my debt pay off I get to remodel my Kitchen!

     Hooray.  You have no idea how much of an incentive this is for me.  I just do better if I can see a prize for my behavior.  Paying off the truck and the car gives me an extra $855.00 a month.  Of course then all hell breaks loose.  Doctor bills, car repairs, I need glasses, dental work you name it.  I swear there is a gremlin out there that knows when extra money shows up.  So I have to pay the gremlin before I get to start remodel.

     Studio debt, is paid by the studio.  Even thought it is mine by law it does not come out of my earnings or our household earnings.

     My race with Sarah will be slower until these debts are paid.  There have been months where Sarah has not made significant progress and then times when she shoots ahead.  That is part of the fun.  How can I do this and still keep up with Sarah?  The wheels are turning.  Debt is disappearing.

  My first $1000.00 pay off is in the bank as of this afternoon.  Where will I put that money?  Hmm.....

     Mom and I ran errands yesterday and it took almost the whole day.  I need to get out into town without her today to do a few things.  She sticks to me like glue.

     I also need to make a stir fry today as every one had to fend for them selves last night and I am in trouble.

Not as much sewing took place as needed the last two days I will be busy today.  It just never ends, but the good note is that I feel great today.  NO HEADACHE.  I SLEPT WELL.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Do any of those little loans have an interest rate? Toss it at that one of there is. Otherwise I'd be tempted to pay off Sissie just so there'd only be 2 loans left. You're doing great!!