Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday, Schedule anyone?

     Now that I am back to teaching I have to create some kind of schedule for housework and the like.  Sissie has not been here for over a week and you can tell.  Someone has to make the beds, vacuum, clean the floors, do the laundry, the dishes.  It is hard for me to schedule time to do these things when I am in the shop until right before I go to the studio.  I say I will come home and do the stuff but I get home and crash.

     You know really I am just whining.  I could get all of those things done or started (laundry if I would just set a timer and move!)  I will think about it as thinking is so much easier.

     I sewed hard yesterday, still have a lot to do today.  Was able to get a mother of the bride and two bridesmaids done, plus other various items.  Today will be the same.  I have 6 bridesmaids hanging and several suits to tailor.

      I did my roots this morning and dyed mom's hair,  She looks great I have not even dried my hair yet and I had better hurry before I look like a wookie.

     I keep thinking about goals for the year and did I complete any last year?

    Let's see......

     I did pay off the car early mostly with secret shopping and unexpected money.  So that is a big Hurrah!

     I did get mom to leave Missoula and finally have her here.  We have been working on that for years.  And it was so much work and time and money.  Do you think she paid me for the customers I messed or the gas back and forth.  NO!

     Hub's and I took a trip and rented a car and went to parts unknown at least to me.  It was so fun and we plan to do more of this.  We stayed at Sluggies, she is a great hostess and I can't wait for her and her hubbie to come out here on a long car trip.

     I think my problem with my goals is that every dam% day is a fricken goal.  Just to get through every day.  Blah!

     What is wrong with me? (Don't answer unless you are kind.)

So, dry hair, set hair, makeup

Move car for mom.

Make beds.

Clean toilets.

Sweep upstairs.

Clean kitchen and kitchen floor.

Start laundry.

Sew, zipper in pants, hem 3 pairs of pants, alter to large sweat shirts,  fix a rain coat, Alter two suits.

Make two important phone calls.  Insurance and accountant.

Move car for mom  (she is reminding me)

Go to studio.

Move car for mom....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I think you set impossible daily goals!!! But HURRAH to the car and to mom!!!

  2. Wow! You're busy!!! My goals typically go by the wayside and I'm just lucky to get the dishes done... the next morning...

  3. When I was in school, I cleaned the toilet one day, the sink the next, and the tub the next. Think of the same for the rest of the house. Since I slept alone in a king-sized bed, I only had to pull up the corner on the side where I slept. I gave the house a good cleaning between semesters.

    1. And, the point was--it does not have to be done all at once!