Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday, Mom's chicken salad...

     As you all have figured out by now I try to keep mom busy.  So I took 4 chicken breasts and put them in the crockpot with a can of broth.  Broth to be saved for soup.  Well mom spent the afternoon making chicken salad.  I toasted some almonds for her to put in this as I like the crunch.  But mom kept adding ingredients, like the leftover peanuts from Christmas.  Oh yes and some grapes okay not a bad decision.  Then she added some pickles.  Hmmm?  Grapes and pickles and peanuts.  She needs to be less creative.  She also made ALOT of it.

     All I did yesterday was sew with my back finally behaving about noon and the headache subsiding about 3.  I was supposed to take mom to the recycling to turn in the cans she insists on saving but the shop was very busy.  I could not get away.  Then  she wanted to go out to dinner at someplace cheap, she would pay.

     We went to Taco Time.  I paid by the way, Wipe the smile off your face Sis.  I did get out of eating the chicken Surprise salad!

Daughter #2 is coming today.  Mom and I are working on nursery things.  Mom is making three receiving blankets and I am making a wall hanging and a crib skirt and curtains, and bumper pads.  This is for our little William.  Sweet Will.  It is fun to sew something that is not for a customer.  We are using the Bambi Theme,  "Good night Sweet Prince".  The colors are browns, blues, taupe, grey, and white.

  Mom is ordering me around and loving every minute of it because I cannot do anything right.

I should be very humble by tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. At least you still have your sense of humour even if you can't do anything right :) Oh that Chicken Surprise Salad sounds a bit adventurous - oh my!

  2. I have had grapes, almonds, and pickles in my chicken salad before but not all in the same batch. Sounds interesting to have it all together.

  3. I'd so eat that Chicken Salad! Luckily, er...unfortunately I am nowhere near you. ;-)
    Pickle lover Sluggy

  4. Love your sense of humor with it all 😊

  5. I could probably eat the salad, but I might have to creatively move the pickles or grapes to one side.

    I am dealing with my mother also, and all you can do is laugh and when you cant laugh call your sister and vent.