Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday, have to get moving...

    Mom and I have dentist appointments this morning.  So I have to really move.  Mom was also very sick last night.  Not much sleep for either of us.  My back is better this morning, it really gave me a run for my money yesterday.

     Not as much done in the shop as I like, mostly due to my back.  I hope to be able to hit the machines after I get home from my appointment. 

    I feel like this will be another wasted day just because of mom's health.  Actually I need to be a little kinder. So I don't conquer the world today and I spend it with my Mom I will be so grateful someday when she is gone.

Have to run.

Have a great and productive day because I don't think I will.



  1. Me either, but I have a situation similar to yours. Mom still lives at home but I am 4 blocks from her house and run in and out as needed each day. Things have to get done in between runs.

  2. I am not having a very productive day either.

  3. My Mother passed away in April. Treasure each day with your mom. It will all work out, but you will never have another mother by your side. I think that you and your mom will eventually find a better routine. You are both adjusting.

  4. I didn't have a productive day either.

    As for moms....since I don't have a good relationship with mine, there will be no difference in my day to day life onice she is gone.