Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jan. 2nd 2016, and she will be the death of me......

     I finally got the mother to sleep last night but I was up all night.  I talked to the pharmacist about her cold and yes Rite-Aid had pharmacist on New Years Day.  He suggested Mucinex and it works.  She slept much better.  No gagging or getting up to try and breath.  I just could not sleep.  I feel foggy.

     Today she is feeling much better and in rare form.  She is out here in long johns and her rooster hair, no tooth demanding breakfast.  Not a pretty picture.

     We are going out to dinner tonight with friends, I hope she is dressed by then.

Okay segue to make mother poached eggs and toast.  Make the bed, do up the dishes, start the laundry and put on my face.

     I love reading the goals people have for 2016.  I have a few, but right now today my goal is keeping up with my mother's shenanigans.  We are going to look at furniture today.  I need to replace the wing backs but I doubt we will find any in town.

Still thinking......  Goals...... Hmmm....... Not sure where to start.  Our lives have changed so much and they are about to change drastically in the financial front so until I have a month living on Hub's SS and his retirement and get all the medical straightened out I am not sure where to begin.  D#3 will also be off the dole by the end of the month.

     Have a great and productive day!




  1. Goals are hard. And once you make them, the key is how to make them a reality. Good luck my friend.

  2. You have had so many changes the last few months...maybe your goal should just be to take each day as it comes and when you feel like you know what your new normal is or what your new routines will be like, then you can figure out specific goals. Good luck on everything! I hope 2016 is a great year for you!

  3. If anything, I'd choose a goal that focuses on you. Many things in your life will change that you can't control, so I'd choose something that allows you to form a healthy habit, relax, or recharge your batteries for 10-15 minutes a day, or whatever you can reasonably do.

    I hope your mom feels better!

  4. I love the description "long johns and rooster hair". It has a very familiar feel to it. Are we related somehow?

  5. Wow - you went through a LOT last year in previous post. Try to fit in some "ME" time this year - please include that in any goals that you may make.