Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday, sleep and sweat, blah!

     Last night was a sweaty sleep night.  Kept waking soaked and then cold.  Up several times.  Don't like those nights.  Will up arthritis med to see if that will help.  Usually when this is happening I am having a flare.  Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.  My sing my happy, happy, joy, joy song when I am frustrated.

     So enough about that little rant.  I have to brag a little.  Mom uses an excessive amount of expensive eye drops.  She was running low and last night I could tell she was blue and bored so I asked her if she wanted to go do a Rite-Aid shop with me.  Rite-aid had a really good special on diapers that I could get for under 2.00 for a large package.  I thought I could do a little stocking up for grand baby.  Since mom has seen me use coupons and is skeptical she came to me with a $3.00 off coupon on the brand of eye drops she uses.  I then went to the brand web site and pulled another $3.00 coupon.  Off we went, with my coupon notebook.

We purchased:

2 bottles of eye drops  $11.99
2pckg razors                $7.99
2 large packages           $7.99 on sale
of New Born diapers    $7.99 on sale
2 lip sticks                     $8.99
Christmas can                $2.50

     After coupons and points we owed $2.43 I made mom pay.  I still ended up with $22.00 in future points.  Yes essentially free eye drops and the neat thing is the boxes have coupons for the next boxes.  This really works.  I realize I am no Sluggy but someone has to be the teacher.  I am a student of her expertise.

     I did another secret shop with mom in tow yesterday.  It will pay $18.36 back to me.  I essentially stopped and got mom a pretzel and a diet coke.

     Okay my new plan ( and I will have you note that Sarah is  till ahead of me and not letting us know when she posts more money because she is a sneak) I don't have many major debts left.  I have many smaller ones and most of those have to do with the studio which I do not have on the blog.  They are however still my debts. I just keep them in a different set of monies and have the studio pay for itself.  Well things can change now that B is out of school and Hub's is retired.  I will start to pay down these down along with our personal debt.
Every time I am able to get $1000.00 squirreled away I can put it toward a debt.  But it has to be an increment of $1000.00.  Now why this amount you ask?   Because it is a big old hunk of money that is why.  Well wouldn't it be smarter to apply the money immediately?  Yes but with the way our budget has changed  I should be able to do this once a month if I am careful and work hard.  So I am not going to get penury with my funds and start looking at pennies or days of interest.  I am just going to look at paying off debts or applying funds after regular payments in lumps of $1000.00.

     Sarah don't panic.  I have many small bills that are due in the next few months.  Some are medical, some are car bills, home maintenance bills.  But all have to be paid and I will do this in the next few months and keep within a bows site of Sarah!

     I think this will work.  See how fast Kim can get $1000.00 together.  Here we go.....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow we need a RiteAid around here!!!!

  2. everyone has different ways of dealing with debt. It's what works best for you is the way to go. Great deals at RiteAid. We don't have that store in Canada.

  3. You know, your mother could be your coupon finder. Show her the Rite Aid ad. This might be a source of pride for her to help this way. Of course, the two of you could have your own card and work those like sluggy does. This makes me happy for your mother.

    There are sites for new babies on the way. I think there are coupons on those.

  4. I am not ahead enough to count - I love that we are moving through this side-by-side! I have tried to do the Rite Aid/CVS shops, but I am a slow learner. That's a great idea of Parsimony's to give this job to your mother. I'll bet she gets really excited about it when she's the one who pulls off free stuff.