Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, Was there a Thursday?

     Mom insisted on going to Costco on Wednesday afternoon to get a few things.  Mostly rotisserie chickens.  I bought some pecans.  We had chicken and salad for dinner.  I don't know what it was some kind of seasoning but it did not agree with me.

     When I went to bed I groaned all night with nightmares about my stomach hurting.  Hub's woke me up and I went to sleep in the spare room.  About 5:30 he came into the room to check on me and I about knocked him over with well I am too much of a lady to say.  He brought me a glass of ice water and I drained it and went back to sleep then finally went into a deep sleep and I did not get up until 11:00!

     I was a so shocked.  First of all because the phone starts to ring constantly about 9:30 or the door bell rings, mom needs something Hub's cannot stand it if I sleep when he is not sleeping.  What the ?  They wanted me to sleep so I would feel better.  I was much better but will stay away from Costco chicken, it has the same affect on me as Curly fries from Wendy's.  Must be some spice they use.  The rest of the day was a blur.  I got in the tub and did my roots realized that oldest daughter and grandson were due at the airport at 7 that evening.

     Hubs had brought up all the boxes of Christmas decorations the night before , which I had emptied in a big pile on the floor of the front room.  So it was like Christmas had vomited.  That is so descriptive.  Mom has a hair appointment at 1:30 so Hub's and I dropped her off and went to get Christmas lights for the out side of the house. Then back to the house to start putting things away.

     Hub's picked up d#1 and grandson.  She is looking pregnant now.  Last time I saw her she did not look pregnant at all.  By the way she is having a BOY!  So I will have two new grandsons in March and April.  So excited.

     I have another show tonight and tomorrow d#3 graduates from college.  It will be busy, busy here.  Hub's is having a melt down, I am not sure about what.  Probably that company is coming and I mean a lot of company and he is about 1/3 of the way done with several things that need to be done this afternoon.  This is what you get when you move slowly and do everything the hardest way possible.

Well I am off when I post next I will be the mother of three college graduates, now if they would just support themselves.......

Have a great and productive day


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