Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday, Computer issues:(

     My computer is having issues.  It took me all day to fight with it.  Well off and on I fought with it.  Actually I spent the morning helping a bride and getting mom's packages ready.  We left about 1 and I slogged packages, and then we went down and licensed the car which was a pain, she will not be able to drive it much longer.  I think I will send it to Sarah.  Anyway everyone needs to say a prayer for Mysti.  Sarah needs a few good wishes sent her way.  Remember when my sewer line collapsed and put us $18,000 more in debt?  So discouraging when you are working so hard and making progress.  But I know we will all persevere.

     Mom and I baked cookies last night and made caramels and 2 batches of almond roca.  I have had no time to sew today.  Mom has taken all my time and it is crazy here.  I need to get into the shop tonight.

     Hub's official State retirement party is tomorrow at noon in Orophino.  I think I have most of my shopping done except for hubby, and one son-in-law.  We can take care of a few things in Twin Falls.

I need to get to work after all it is only 5:30  yikes.

Have a productive evening.


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  1. Sorry about your computer woes. Why does everything fall apart at the holidays?? The heck with the car, I want the homemade caramels! Enjoy the retirement party and I hope you get your shopping done. DH will be getting a cheapo car, I think :)