Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday,business is slow....

     Here it is Wednesday and I have had only one customer in my shop all week. Only a few phone calls.  Now I do have work to do, in fact I will sew about $100.00 today but that is it!  Where is everyone?  I know it has rained here non stop (well Almost) for two weeks so maybe everyone is just so blue and wet they can't or won't get out.  I do have a lot of costuming to do for the upcoming show so I have taken time to work on layouts for that.  Maybe this is a blessing.  But to me not having money come in is not a blessing.

     Last night the Fire fighters Pipes and Drums came in with Pizza for all the dancers who were in the show.  We stopped lessons and watched the video for about 1.5 hours.  It was fun.  Then we continued to block Cinderella.  Next week is Spring break so the kids will have a week to forget everything and then we will hit it full force!  Fun!

     I was able to make over $13.00 in soda and water sales this week so far.  But I put a note on the fridge Monday that said:

                                          " Water .50, Soda .50 This is here on an honor system.
                                             If it is abused you will lose this privilege."

      I actually saw two parents go get bottles of water on Monday and there was .25  left in the money box.  Now they both looked like they left money.  (The box was emptied before class), but after the class I went and checked the box and .25.  These are adults!  Anyway I made a note immediately and look at the results?  How can we expect kids to be honest if the parents aren't?  I have lovely parents, but also some that I question.  These were parents that I question.  They are in the youngest classes.  They will also be gone within a few years because they won't want to stick with a program.   Already they were panicking about a Spring costume fee.  Did they not forget that we provided their little darling with a costume at Christmas?  This is the one show where they must buy a costume. Once  year.  If you have two kids a.... two costumes.  So they take water to get even.  That is just the mind set.  So aggravating.  I wonder what they do to the T-ball coach?  Oh I know don't bring their kid on the day they were assigned to bring treats, so some other parent has to run out and buy happy buns and juice at the last minute.

     Out My Window:  I don't need to tell you what it is doing outside.  I hope my chickens can swim.

     I do have $500.00 in my slush fund for next week, but I wanted to have at least $100.00 to leave with hubby.  He has to drive next week and B will need something also.  But they may have to go to the checking account.  I will probably bring money back as I have on the last two trips.  I can use that to pay back the account.  But I would rather just give them cash and say don't touch the bank accounts, there is no money!

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hope your day gets better! You sound super busy as usual. Would like to see pix of the costumes you make they sound lovely!