Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, a little change

                                                       My Big Pink Pig change bank. 
                                                   She sits on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

     How are all of you doing on your sealed pot challenge?  I know it is easy to be really dedicated to a cause early on and then forget about it as time wanes.  But I have tried to be religious about mine and still find myself adding a few coins and sometimes a few dollars every night to my bank.  It is silly but it keeps me motivated towards a small goal.  Sometimes the small goals are all you have when the debts loom large.
                                      My little silver pig for $1's that I get at the studio for soda!

     Don't you love the postage stamp stuck to the window well so I can reuse it?  Ever frugal me.

     I have also taken to weighing my pink pig like Carla.  By the weigh(I mean way) she has gained 2 lbs in the last few weeks!  I need a life! But alas anything to keep me motivated.

     It is hubbies week to drive so we will see at the end of the week how big a hit we take on the gas bill.  Gas is up about .37 a gallon here. Drat! It just deflates me when we struggle so hard to save money and cut back to pay off debt and the little extra we do manage to save goes to the gas tank.

     Daughter #2 called and said she got employee of the month at her office.  She was able to read all the comments that her co-workers had written about her.  Most centered around, "she doesn't whine and complain".  I had to laugh because she said the doctor was supposed to bring flowers and gift certificates and he forgot.  But she didn't complain.:)

   Daughter #3 wants to give up her apartment this summer and move into a academic Sorority next year.  We are not that supportive, but financially it is a wash considering the problems we have had with reliable room mates.  She is very lonely and is scared at night.  So she has had a hard time sleeping.  Even though she is in a big complex of people.  The internet her apartment provides is substandard and it is bogged down at peak hours.  So she has been walking to campus to get on the net as much of her chemistry and micro work is on-line.  She met a group of girls from this sorority in her science classes and she has been studying at the house at night as the internet is great and one of the local boys will walk her home along with another girl in her complex.  They are not allowed to walk at night without an escort.  It is a dry house which is important to us and not on Greek row, where the party scene is.  In fact I have been checking it out and it is what they say, an academic house. She will have to work more to pay for extras. As long as I don't have to come up with any more money.  We do help her a certain amount every month and provide, her car insurance and cell phone. 

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, sunny but cold!  The chickens laid 8 eggs yesterday!  That is a record, but the days are getting longer.  We are supposed to have another cold snap this weekend.  Dang.

     I have huge piles in the shop, and I need to get motivated.  Any one have any ideas?  How about:  You won't be able to pay your bills.  Now that is motivation.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oohh I am jealous of the polka-dot piggy! So cute!
    I think that the move for daughter #3 sounds like a good idea. It is so stressful being lonesome and scared. Will likely help her marks and overall demeanor with the tradeoff being hurting the wallet. Luckily not forever.

    I need to find motivation too.... still looking around for it :)

  2. Your pigs are cute! It sure is frustrating to scrimp and cut costs only to have what you managed to cut down be eaten up by some other cost going up! In my case it's gas and health insurance

  3. Oh, what an adorable pink piggy. Mine weighs 4.5 lbs right now. It's gonna all go into our Xmas fund eventually. Gas prices here went up 45c in the last 2 weeks!Ugh..

  4. Oh those darn Greeks - is it any wonder their country is going to hell in a handbasket?? I think the move sounds ideal - it solves a lot of problems without costing an arm and a leg. And you NEED all of your arms and legs for all of that sewing and teaching!

  5. @Jane As someone who was president of a Greek organization, I found that living with a group of women kept me accountable for my grades. Our GPA average was always over the all-women’s average and it helped to have that motivation from others that strived to do more than receive their BS or BA. Not all Greeks are like this BUT not all non-Greeks are prefect either.

    @OMW - I wish your daughter the best. Living with girls during college was the best thing I could have done. They are my long life friends and were bridesmaids in my wedding.

  6. I hope your daughter is able to sort out her living arrangements. That must be a little worrying to have her living away from home in a place that is making her so uncomfortable. Both of my children who are away at school live on campus and really enjoy it. There was talk from one of them of moving to an off campus apartment during summer classes but we have decided to pay the extra fee in allowing her to stay on campus. The hassle involved in getting to and from classes just was not worth it.

    I envy your egg laying chickens!! I would love to be able to keep some here but it is against local ordinances :(