Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday, decisions, decisions

     Rehearsal went better than expected last night.   I find parents trying every way possible to reduce their costs.  I have had exactly 4 costumes paid for out of at least 20 dancers that had to have new costumes.  I really worked hard to find old used ones so we would not have to make new and could save people money and still no checks for costumes.  The performance is Saturday so hopefully people will cough up the money.   I also realize that everyone is in the same boat I am in.  I always thought that I was the only one that struggled.  Most of my parents are professional people but they can't pull an extra $100.00 out if their budget either.
     I think when you live so long  struggling to pay off debt you assume that you are the only one.  Even those I would consider wealthy (doctors) are watching for a break.  I also think that many of my parents have their kids in too many activities.  Dance lessons are expensive.  Especially when they get up into the advanced classes.  Shoes, costumes, performance fees, tickets.  Then I find out the child also does piano and soccer and tee-ball.  Or they have 2 kids in different activities. 

     My girls danced, did shows, took piano.  I taught for the University and their lessons were free.  I also designed, sewed, and choreographed so I was able to work off fees.  We did pay for piano, but Hubby taught violin and viola at piano studio and worked off their lessons.  I don't think I ever realized just how expensive this is for most parents. However, they still have to pay.  I feel like I cut corners for them every chance I get. I don't know if they appreciate it.

     Tonight I have another big rehearsal with the Jr. Company.  I hope it goes as well as last nights rehearsal.  I still have three costumes to adjust and I need to steam press the ghost skirts.  I have not been able to sew in the shop this week.  This is why when I make or alter costumes it is so important that parents pay.  My sewing business actually keeps me a float.  I take home no money from the studio. When I don't sew for customers I make no money.  When the studio debt is paid off I will be able to take home a salary.  But I am 6 years into this business and all it has been is debt.  I am not complaining as I feel that I really contribute to the community and the satisfaction that I get from my students is worth all the headache.  The money end of the business is just a frustration.

  Now I have made a decision.  Hubby gets three paychecks this month.  I will take the paycheck he gets tomorrow and put it on the CC.  Usually the second check of the month pays for all the small  bills.  Tithing, car payment, utilities, doctors.  I take the second state and second cleaning check to do this.  If I take this check it will mean that the checks on the 25th and 28 will pay for these bills. I will have to wait until the 10th and 12th of April to pay the house payment.  Last time we had a three paycheck month (last Oct.)  I moved the house payment up to make sure it was paid by the first, but in doing that the extra paycheck somehow got swallowed up in life.  It is like it evaporated.  Now I can pay the house payment on the 12th it is considered late after the 15th.  It will mean more interest but I do not trust my life enough not to use this extra money when it is available.  Too many variables out there.  I do not trust myself to wait.  I did that last time and I won't do it again.  I will not spend money I do not have so if it is gone I am in stop mode.  If it is available I will find a way to justify spending it.

     Are any of you as weak as me?  When it comes to money I am a wash rag.  Just no discipline.

     Out My Window:  Still cold and rainy.  Saw a little sun yesterday.  But it proves to be a nasty weekend and I am so glad we are performing indoors.  No outside St Patrick's Day celebration.

     The house is a wreck as the daughter has to trash every room, so I am going into my shop and try to clean up a bit.  My mother and Aunt are coming in for the show.  So on top of everything else I need a clean house.  Almost done with the Musical laundry and I can drop that off tomorrow morning.

     Add it up folks, after tomorrow I will have paid $5000.00 to that Credit Card.  Now if parents will pay up  I will have another $1000.00 and then I am almost there!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hope the parents do come up with the money,


  2. Me! I can justify spending money on just about everything! Great job on putting the extra check towards a bill instead of spending it!

  3. I can totally relate to you on the extra paycheck. I find that something always comes up to eat away at it. I try to hold onto the extra check and not cash it until I have to or else it gets gobbled up little by little. Good luck with it and I hope your plan works out for you. I

  4. I know how you feel. For the longest time I felt like I was the only one in the world but ever since I started blogging I don't feel as lonely any more. And the more I get to know people around me , the more I understand that so many people are struggling right now and get more and more into debt. You are doing so great with paying off that credit card!