Wednesday, February 29, 2012

     Leap day/year!  What a fun day to have a baby!  I don't know if the child would be happy, but what a neat thing to have hidden in your, did you know this about me?  It also makes February a day longer, and personally I want February gone.  I have always dreaded January and I kind of like February because the days do get constantly lighter , but March Rocks!

     I am done with the costumes for the Boyfriend.  I will go to the school today and finish off any problems with mending and small things, like my zipper is broken, this needs a button, my pants are too long/short, etc.  I will put up 12 heads of hair and then be off to the studio.
     I think I got most of the kids out fitted last night in Celtic dresses.  I had one out of town and one more that needs to bring a dress in.  So I think I am done, maybe?  Now tonight I will outfit the other 16 monkeys and call it good.  But you should see my shop!  Oh my it is scary.  I would take pictures but you would come and get me and put me away.  Hey Sluggy (take the garage and multiply it by 5)  yeah scary, seriously you would certify me.

     The nice thing about the show the next two weeks is that they feed the pit and cast, so I don't have to cook and hubby does not make a mess of the kitchen.  He has a big leftover, sheepherders pie and a baked salmon for the rest of the week.  I am done until Saturday!  Yeah!

     I need to balance the check book and figure out how to pay the house payment.  Then do it tomorrow.  Hopefully parents will pay tuition on time so I can make the early bills.  I still have one dead beat from last month.  But I was able to collect $140.00 in late charges.  Oh well.  $140.00 more than I had before.

      Out My Window: Spring is trying so hard here, but winter keeps beating it back!

     I am going to clean the shop and organize it and then clean the desk and get money situated for new month.  This next month is going to be great! I can just feel it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I know, March will be great for you!! You work so hard, you deserve a break!!

  2. I wish you would post some pictures of the costumes you make--they sound wonderful!!

  3. Bring on March!

    Of is snowing here today. *sigh*

  4. I love March and April! Did I tell you yet that I wish you were closer so I could have you do my daughters could sew and I would clean and organize or we could just sit there and have tea and pretend the rest of the world isnt outside waiting for us :)

    Try and get some rest

    1. If you tell me what is wrong with it, I will tell you how to fix it. Or you can pin it and mail it and then I will mail it back. Can it be put in a small box without total ruin?

    2. I took it to the seamstress yesterday. 25.00 to put booby pads or whatever you call them then they have to take about an inch off the puddle train in the back(i think that's what she called it) and move the back straps down a little(rhinestones)sigh. total damage 120.00 She has a good reputation so hopefully it will be good. So alterations are costing more than the dress. But I would have rather had you do it :) Next gown I am having pinned and sent to you

  5. I can't wait for spring! I love the beginning of each month. You can either work with the momentum of the previous month (if it was successful for you) or you can scrap the last month and start new. I'm going with the latter....hehe