Monday, February 27, 2012

Woo Hoo it's Monday! Cash is King!

        March is almost here.  I love March, my mom has a birthday, Spring starts, I was born in March.  St. Patrick's day is in March!  Wonderful things happen in March.  Also it will be the end of my awful financial February!

    I like Carla did not have a good February.  But we already knew that it was going to be very tight with all the extra bills and the moves.  I have sewn very hard, but I have had to take so many days off this month for travel and doctors and that cuts down on revenue.  When I am not here I am not sewing. So I am looking forward to March and hoping that I can recover some of my dignity.

     I think I was so focused on paying off the fridge in January that I just let go this month.  It is hard to stay down for so long.  I think this is why it is hard to get out of debt.  Also and I have talked about this before.  When we pay to much to debt or emergency fund or these different accounts we have and we don't leave enough to live on we sabotage ourselves.  I know I do.

     I went to get groceries on Saturday night.  We were out of Milk, yogurt, cereal, carrots, celery, fruit, cheese.  I also bought some asparagus for $1.19 a lb. Yum! Cheese 21b. blocks were $4.99 so I stocked up.  It is rare that we are out of cheese. I also had the oil changed on the car and they said I needed brake fluid and that I needed a new air filter, so I went and bought those myself and Hubby can put those in, saving me about $22.00 at the oil place.  But the nice thing was that, I had about $160.00 in cash and I was able to purchase everything with cash and come home with about $29.00.  When I operate on a cash budget things just go better.  I know when the money is gone it is gone.  I am more careful.  When the man at the oil change place said the air filter was $27.00 I knew that I could save at least half of that by getting it right around the corner.  I wanted that extra $13.00 (yes that was the difference).  If I had written a check or used a card it was down the big old black hole!

     I am really not a Monday person.  I think (I know) it is because I am always so busy and Monday starts the week and sometimes I don't know if I can live until the next Sunday.  Sooooooo.......I am trying to have a better perspective on Mondays.  This is my chance to get things done.  A new week, a new opportunity!  Okay I am done with that.
     I am very tired, like wash rag tired.  But I will persevere.  Did not go to church yesterday (gasp) just stayed home and puttered and rested.  I feel much better because I did. God loves me and he understands.
     Still have many costumes to complete, but I will be at the high school at 2:30 for fittings.

     So here is to finishing a costume and I have to go to JoAnn's and get some supplies also run to the bank and make a deposit.  Lots to do!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sounds like you needed that rest day! There are days when I just need to spend time at my house, putting my life back together - those days are essential to my sanity. ;-)

  2. Our February was really good but we just did our March budget, and it's going to be VERY tight. But, hopefully, we all can have a pretty good month after all. Have a nice day, dear Kim!

  3. Now, thankfully, Monday is over. I've tried to turn my thinking around on Mondays too but I was just kidding myself lol! Mondays are wonderful...when they're over.
    Moving on...let's hear it for Tuesdays!!

  4. Yes, I sabotage too....I never leave enough for food!