Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, February the month of Love!

     Hey, we made it through January.  We are all through what I deem the slowest, longest, darkest, coldest month of the year.  Now we get the shortest month of the year with a celebration of LOVE a Presidents holiday and don't forget groundhog day, the day that terrified me as a child (more about that later).
     Please look at the post before this and give me your opinion on the poster for the upcoming show. No, I did not do it, it is done by my Web-site designer.  I give him the photos the info and then kind of what I want. Then he does is magic.

     We also lost Judy which is really depressing, hopefully she will be back soon.  I can't imagine blogging with out her.
     So here are my February goals for my no-low spend challenge.

1. Track every penny spent (yes I did this last month and it was he#@)

2. No eating out without a gift card.

3. Plan meals at least meat so hubby can cook.

4. Get to dollar store early for Valentine cards.

5.  Make homemade valentine short bread to save on gifts.

6. Fund all savings options and then pay debt down.  If CC get minimum oh well, do not over pay and then use card.
7.  I have no big saving goals for the month as we have 3 birthdays and 2 moves and extra yearly bills.
     One day at a time, pay day is tomorrow.  I took a salmon and some chicken out of the freezer.  But we have very little meat left.  I think tomorrow I will clean out the freezers.  They are both small but I really need to see what I have and get rid of the burnt stuff.  Oh Carla see what you have done?

     Okay here is the before picture of my junk drawer:

Now how can you find anything in that mess let alone close the drawer?

See the new results, yes we have three working flashlights!  Also batteries in every size and I mean every size  even camera batteries.

All of these items found a new home in the house.  I could never find a highlighter when I needed one.

 This is the throw away, dried out glue sticks, pencils without erasers, used candles note pads that don't take ink or pencil, junk.  I also bought some pencils that did not make a mark on paper at the dollar store.  These are finally gone!  They cropped up all over the house.

    This took less than 10 minutes.  Thanks Carla!

Well I have to set up a budget today and pay some bills.  I also need to sew and go to a rehearsal at the High school, then I teach tonight but it is an easy night.

    I was able to add $5.00 from soda sales to the piggy banks last night!  We are going to be rich next December.
     Out My Window: Grey and warm, but kind of gloomy.  I will be happy it could be cold.

 Have a great and productive day!  Pray for Judy!



  1. I love that battery organizing drawer. My dad could seriously use one. I am quite convinced he has at least 2 of every battery ever made, and a good 1/3 won't work when you need them. Ugh.

    I hope Judy can get her blog up soon!

  2. I hope judy is back soon too, how sad and mad I would be.

    And your drawer looks so much better!

  3. Nice work on the drawer organization! That is awesome.

  4. Holy moley, that drawer is amazing! I consider myself over-the-top organized, but I have never been able to stay on top of my junk drawer. Kudos to you!

    I am so sad about Judy. Who does that kind of thing?? Hope she'll be back soon.


  5. Wow! You did a great job!! Awesome, Kim! :)

    Judy will be back in no time at all I bet!! :)

  6. Holy cow, are you sure that's the same drawer?? I feel shamed into doing my own kitchen junk drawer but I already have more decluttering projects than I have time for. We'll see! I bet instead of looking for batteries in that mess you just went out and bought more tee hee...oh woops, that's me!

  7. Wow, your drawer looks nice!! I really need to get to mine too. I feel ashamed now...And I love your monthly goals. Good luck with all of them!