Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, I am broke!

     I am broke in so many ways, right now, financially broke, and discouraged broke and physically broke.
I knew it would be a tight month because of extra bills, birthdays, travel, but I thought with the challenge it would be easier, it is not.
     Specialists office called and said the insurance company has agreed to pay for new meds.  Yeah I know I already have the injections in the fridge.  Awaiting your go signal.  Well I have to drive 250 miles round trip back to specialist to have an IV drip and then I can take injections.  So I have $2412.00 (yes that is the right amount) worth of meds in the fridge right now I can't take until I waste another day of my time.  I also rec'd a $283.00 bill I had left over from my last visit not counting the labs and the x-rays.  So I asked how much is this going to cost?  Well we will check with billing.  Because I will not be able to pay $300.00 every month to the doctor and hospital.  I also told her I would not come up on any day but Friday.  Well that will put you out farther.  Too bad, I will not take time off work and pay a sub to teach, which would be an additional loss of revenue.   My life my way.  After all I am paying the bills.  Just irritated by the whole thing, but I know I cannot change it.

     I have sewn really hard all week, there is a ton more to do today and I have a lot to be picked up.  I have filled two vehicles with gas and will have to fill another one tonight.  I also have hit the sale papers to stock up on meat and a few groceries as last month did us in.  Butter is on sale for $1.89 a pound here so I will take advantage of that.  Meat was on sale yesterday and I bought enough  burger and pork chops for 30 meals.  Now I need to hit a chicken sale.  I could also use some beef.  We are out of shampoo, but there is a great sale on that also.

     I just want to get that CC paid off and I will be lucky to get a $200.00 payment made.  It just makes me sad.  I know you all know how hard I work, but I feel like I make no progress.  Boo hoo.

     Out My Window:  It has been cloudy and damp here, not helping the mood at all.

     Well I am going to get dressed and run a few errands and then hit the shop and sew.  I need to quit feeling sorry for myself.  I also need to take a picture of my tupperware cupboard and pick out another challenge for Carla.  Hmmm, there are so many really bad spots in the house.

Have a great and productive day!  I know my day will be productive but I am not sure about great....



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry for all you are going through right now! I hate medical bills! We got a bill this week that was $300 more than we expected. It bugs me how much doctors bill us when the little nurses are the ones who actually do all the work!! I hope the rest of the month will get a little easier for you. Hang in there! Sending some love your way!

  2. Wow! Sorry you are dealing with all the medical problems. Isn't there anyway a local doctor off could put in an IV drip? I don't know much about that stuff, but seems like a basic procedure they could refer you to someone closer for that part.

  3. I'm sorry also that just sucks. We are so fortunate here in Canada not to have to go through all of that.

    Gill in Canada, hoping your weekend will be a lot better.

  4. I'm sorry about everything! I hope everything gets better.

  5. Hang in there... You are doing so good, even though it doesn't seem like it. Sending you big hugs......

  6. Hang is there my dear friend. It will work out!

  7. Sending you a big hope you feel better hug! Sorry you are having such a tough time.

  8. Wow I cant believe that is the cost! That is terrible! Is there anyone closer who can do it?

    And no feeling sorry for yourself. Today is a new day and you are a strong big girl panties on and saddle up because you can do this


  9. I have those days when everything sucks and money is flying out the window BUT the sun will shine again Kim and you will catch up with your work and IF these meds will help you then it's worth the trouble. $200 payment to the C/C is certainly better than charging another $200 - it doesn't seem like much, I know, but it is considering the month you're having.
    Cheers, my friend, I hope today is better!

  10. Hang in there...and all that stocking up at the grocery store will help you meet your goals in the months to come!