Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, Rant by Miss Crabby pants!

     I have had the day from He#@ and it is only 12:15.  I may explode.  As it is my head has exploded at least 3 times today and I only have one replacement head left.  I keep the heads in a spare closet I have not taken a picture of yet because it is much messier than my linen closet and I don't want to upset Jane.

     Got a call from the Specialists office. The drip in procedure is $3000.00 a treatment plus the hospital  outpatient fee.  My share (15%) will be $412.00 plus the gas up and back and a day lost from sewing.  Add that to the $287.00 I have still to pay plus what ever I owe in labs and x-rays.  I asked the woman what happens to people who don't have medical insurance or perhaps have good insurance like me and can't afford the 4-5 hundred  dollars extra a month?  Well they forgo the procedure.  And Die?  Yes.  Health care in America.  Remember I have great insurance benefits.  I work 3-4 jobs I am in constant pain but I continue to work like a demon.  (Remember that $35,000.00 of my original debt was for a chemo that had not been approved by the FDA.  It worked, I was in remission for 5 years) so I can pay medical bills to stay alive and be in constant pain.   Okay maybe this medication will work again and I can get 5 more years, But I am still pissed off at the expense.

     Now I go to the CU and deposit the 2 tuition checks I rec'd last night.  I show the cashier my bank book and the # to put the money in that account.  I get back a rec't but the balance is really low?  So I ask for a cut off statement.  Did I make a mistake?  Well the cut off shows that I have several thousand in that account.  Payroll has not gone through so why does the deposit slip show just $775.00?  I go back in and ask.  Well she had not put the money in the right account, even though I show her the checkbook and the #.  So what account did she put it in?  I have no account with that low of a balance.  Oh she put it in your studio savings.  Well that account should have well over $1000.00 in it.  Come to find out they had taken my last deposit of $500.00 to saving and put it?  Well not in my account.  Lots of whispering and getting the boss to help.  So all in all I could have over drawn and because I caught it I also caught that money I had deposited before had not been credited to me.

    Next, my youngest calls me, she is so sick.  I think it is strep.  I tell her to get to the campus infirmary and I give her  our Insurance info, which consists of and Idp # and my hubbies soc. #.  I get a call from her and there is a girl at the front desk that will not accept these #/s she wants B to have a card.  I don't even have a card!  I have never had a card!  Ever!  So B is pleading with this girl and asking me for #'s that don't exist and the girl will not accept anything she wants a certain # that will fit into her system.  I go to the medical file and start reading every # I have.  Now this is over a cell phone conversation with B reiterating everything back to said girl.  Now I demand that B give me the phone.  B does not want to because she knows I am going to rip this ladies head off.  I did so now she is out looking for a replacement head.  I asked her very firmly to do her job! Make phone calls not every one especially a sick student is going to come in with the perfect info.  We all know that you cannot be enrolled  at the U of I without health care benefits  In fact you have those on file, remember the fiasco at the beginning of the year?  If we do not have a certain drug benefit number call Blue cross and get it.  My daughter has a high fever and need prescription and needs to go home!  Yes B was embarrassed but she called me back and said thanks Mom that girl was a jerk.  She just did not want to be inconvenienced. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

    There I feel better now, poorer but better.

     Shop is crazy busy, and I am going to check out until next Tuesday.  I am going down to southern Idaho to help daughter move.  I also get to see my grandson that just turned one yesterday!  This should make me feel better!  I am very cranky.

     So If someone does not drop a house on me you will hear from me again next Tuesday.

Here are pictures of the toy box Hubby and I just re-did for grandson.  This was made for me by my grandfather, so it is grandson's great, great grandfather.  We tried to recover it exactly like my grandpa did it!  So cute!

                                                           Mess made by recovering toy box!
                                                                     Inside of box!
                                                                         Another view!
                                                                   Matches his nursery!

Tupperware cupboard still a mess, hee, hee!

 Have a great weekend!

Kim  (Miss Crabby pants)


  1. Banking and health care snafus should NOT be allowed to happen on the same. day.

    Keep your head up Kim...if you have one left by'll get through this no matter what crustacean's pants you are wearing.....and you never know when houses will be flying around so look keep your chin up up UP!lol ;-)

  2. Sorry you are having a bad day! Hope things get better for you! :)

  3. Ok, so I am bookmarking this post and if I ever think I have anything to complain about ever again I am going to re-read this post and thank my lucky stars for Canada's health care system. Yes my taxes are outrageous but it's well worth it!
    P.S. you are just never gonna let me live down my little wee linen closet are you?!? Just wait til you see my "under the stairs" closet - it'll give you the willies!
    OH yes, and now I know where that saying "heads are gonna roll" comes from LOL!! I hope that beeyotch finds herself an improved model!

  4. Oh, dear, so sorry that you have a crappy day! But think of the weekend ahead and all the cuddles you are going to give to your little grandson. And the toy box looks so cute!!

  5. Oh Kim! :( What a day! Ugh!! You should pack up and move to Canada!! ;) Love the toy box, what a wonderful gift!!!

  6. oh Kim, I just will never undertand the US health system - it's disgraceful! I hope your day improves, the toy box looks gorgeous

  7. Has the moon been crazy or ?? My rants this week, called the accountant 3 times, to finally get my taxes completed after 3 weeks. Trying for 4 months to get $25. co-pay refunded. My daughter has the worst coach in the world, and we have had to go to the athletic director to get something resolved. It must just be an Idaho thing, no one wants to work, but they sure want paid!!!!! Rant over...

  8. You are one tough lady! I have to agree that healthcare in America is abysmal. Here's hoping you feel better. Also the box is beautiful!!