Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, maintaining the challenge

     I see all the improvement we are making with our challenges. The de-cluttering pictures are great and inspiring.  But I just found myself picking up several pairs of shoes and throwing them into the CLOSET!  So I stopped and put them back in their spots.  Now I am adding to my challenge.  Can I keep these new found areas of cleanliness, CLEAN?  Well yes but only if I am diligent about not throwing my shoes back into the closet.

     Did you know there is a direct relationship between clutter and money problems?  People who can't handle their finances have too much stuff.  I know this to be true.  I have several acquaintances that are clutter bugs and scrap bookers and quilters and jewelry makers.  There is nothing wrong with any of these things.  But if you are buying them and they are cluttering up your house and you can't afford  them or you are not using them then they are not bringing you joy and you need to stop and think about your next purchase.

    I am not saying these things to be a know it all.  It is just that I have been caught in this trap before or one similar and it was no fun, expensive, a means of real guilt when I could not pay my bills. Let's get rid of the crap (trap) because you can't organize clutter, you just clean around it and it grows.

     I was able to get home this weekend after the move with $76.00 to start the week.  The studio is a little scary as the 10th is not until Friday and the month of January ended in the middle of the week.  This causes a drop in tuition at the beginning of the month.  Now the parents will have to pay by Friday or receive a late charge.   I run a zero based budget and I need to do payroll by the 5th.  That is only fair to the teachers who work an entire month without a pay check.  Well payroll is running about $300.00 more than I expected and I did/do not have enough money taken in,in tuition to cover the payroll.  The only thing that is saving my hiney is  that I have a check in my purse for the Theater bill that came late in January.  Money was set aside for this and I am kiting on that to do payroll.  It will be okay, it is just that a great deal of money had better come in this week!

     So I took all these great pictures of all S's crap that would be gone when she moved and then I erased all but one of the pictures, so here are the pictures of the clean surfaces and closets and it is so nice! 

 See the pictures stored behind my shop desk/ and the corner of the old fashioned sewing machine that was very heavy.  It was my grandmothers treadle and I learned to sew on it. Gone!

 A clean night stand and made bed!
 An empty clean closet!
 A clean dresser, no bobbi pins, or junk in dishes, drawers are empty!
Corner has no snow board or skis!

Basement shop entrance is clean and you can move in there!

     Isn't it nice to reclaim space, that was full of clutter.  Although I will miss my girl.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful out, Sunny, warm just gorgeous.

     Well off to the salt mines, I have so much to do.  I have also had two free pain days, yesterday was good and today, is the same.  May it continue.  May be I will go back into remission?  Oh pray for that.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Good job on de-cluttering! Everything looks so pretty!

  2. Kim, we are kindred spirits! I had a basket of clothes folded. To put away (mine & hubby's) and I thought, I'll just put it in my room and put it away later on... Umm...NO YOU WON'T!!! lol! I made myself put them away right then & there! lol!

  3. Looks like you and Judy (miss her when the hell will she be back!) use the same colour of paint and I really really LOVE that colour and want to know what it's called?? And I love that mirror!
    Hope your "remission" carries on for a good long time so you can get all of your sewing done, make lots of $$$, unkite your cheque and get everyone paid. Otherwise, I hope you get LOTS of $20 late FEES!!

  4. Ditto to what Jane said! And I'm a little envious of that beautiful, empty room!


  5. I love the green colour in that room, just lovely and agree with what everyone said, a very pretty room.