Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, change of plans

     I had a no spend day yesterday, beleive it or not!  With all the running around I did you would have thought I had spent like crazy.  But today I will do payroll for studio and my gas light is on.  I also must grocery shop but I think I will do that in Moscow on the way home from daughters move.  Winco is so much cheaper.  Hubby will pickup U-haul this afternoon late, we are getting a $50.00 discount as they need this truck in daughter's town on Monday.  So we get a bigger truck for the price of the smaller one and a $50.00 discount   that should just about pay her gas.
     I did clean my closet but the freezers are on hold.  Although  I cleaned all the Popsicle and frozen treats that B insisted on getting that taste horrible out of the freezer down stairs and I took them to the studio freezer.  Those high schoolers come in at 3 famished and it will get hot here by the middle of April.  They will eat anything.  I also made 4 loaves of Banana bread that hubby took to work.  I did an inventory and I have one whole chicken, one package of burgers, and three salmon left in freezers for meat.  So I must go meat shopping.  We live on the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers (Lewis and Clark) so a couple times a year small salmon are.99 a lb. limit 4 and I stock up.  But you are at your own risk sometimes they are mushie.  I have the best salmon bisque recipe for mushy salmon.  But it is so high in calories I seldom make it

    Anyway I am spending my time after the closet in the spare room as daughter is moving her crap out!  Yeah!  I will take pictures before and after.  It is an amazing amount of stuff!  It will be so nice to have it all gone.  By the way her Washington license finally came yesterday.  It is a temporary.  They can't seem to get her fingerprints done correctly.  She has sent in 4 sets.

     I have not done much sewing this week, I need to get my butt in gear.  Have I not said this before?  I am going to blame it on missing Judy.  How is that for an excuse!

     So here are my before and after pictures of the closet in the master bedroom.


                                           Today!  I threw away three pairs of shoes, shhh! Don't tell.

 Why must we have 5 backpacks and two overnight bags?  Why must one of the back packs contain 7 pairs of Army underwear that we wore when we weighed 173?  We now weigh.....  Why do we keep these?  But like a good wife I saved them, so his children can throw them away.
                                                                    Oh the horror!

 I threw away 2 pair of sneakers, three pair of broken down Dansko sandals.  I really should get rid of the light blue ones also, the doctor hates them.  So not counting the brown danskos I have on  there are 7 pair there.  Three pairs of teaching shoes and my church shoes.  But I am going to have to get at least two more pair of sandals this summer.  Darn!

                                                                   Sweaters and 2 bags!

                                              This is it folks, 12 suits, 8 for winter 4 for summer, 4 summer dresses, teaching clothes, summer shorts and cotton blouses, 4 pair of dress slacks, 6 jackets, I am always cold.  I don't have a lot of clothes but what I have I love, they wear out I replace them. Because I am short, I wear very tailored clothes so I don't look like a little girl or an oompa- loompa.

                             The basket of throw away give away!  Yes, all out of that closet.

Thank you Carla!  I feel really good about this!  The dressers will be next week.  I know I have a couple of junk drawers that are scary and hubbies are just not to be born!  But I am not sure what to really do about his stuff.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful, sunny, warm.

     I need to go finish cleaning the kitchen, call my brother, finish a quilt binding and load a bunch of boxes in to car.  We had 5 big boxes of costumes come that need to go to the studio.  I also really need to sew. Ugh!
So unmotivated.  Money motivates me, so when I don't have any left maybe I will get to work,  I did take in $200.00 in cash this week but that is not enough....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Pictures are always so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing. Great job on the clean up.

  2. Great job on the decluttering of the closets! :)

  3. Well done on decluttering the closet!

  4. An oompa loompa LOL! You're getting so much better at taking and including pictures - your aim is improving!! I've always loved before and after photos, that Carla is a genius!

  5. Wow!!! Look at that! Amazing job! Congrats on the huge "toss" pile too!! :)

  6. Great job on your closets!Very inspiring!!

  7. Nice closets! Wow that reminds me I should do a bit of decluttering as well!