Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday night chit chat

     Reading:  Still working on the book I was on last week, it took a real turn south at the end and got really bad in a hurry.  I will finish it just because I finish things.  I'd mention the name again but it is not worth it.

     Listening to:  The Super Bowl, loudly!

     Watching: the Super Bowl do I have a choice?

     Baking/cooking : nothing , we are having nachos (super bowl remember?)

     Something I accomplished this week:  I moved 2nd daughter out of the house, storage units, garage up to her new apartment 120 miles away.  She is gone and on her own.  Hallelujah!  I will miss her but it is time.

    Something I am looking forward to:  I finally rec'd all the tax info, every 1098, every interest statement all the kids w-2's.  So the accountant can work her magic.  I hope!

     Something I am grateful for: My shop, I am so behind however, I will be very busy this week.  Work is piling up and I have several large items to get out by Tuesday so I must really concentrate.  I was not motivated last week.

     I took a bunch of pictures of all daughters stuff in the house and then I think I erased the pictures.  You will see what I have tomorrow.

Have a peaceful Sabbath.



  1. My dear Kim, life is to short to read crappy books! I'd leave it... ;) Good luck getting caught up this week!!

  2. haha..I know when it is time....but I know we still miss them.
    happy week!

  3. That's the only good thing about the Superbowl - Superbowl FOOD! We ate chicken wings...again! I'm ready to pack up my daughter and move her out, she's just very co-operative about it!