Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, Becoming realistic.

     Picked up the taxes today, with every thing said and done we do not owe, we actually get a small refund.  We don't even owe the State (which we usually do).  I will apply my refund to debt.  I hope to get the last CC paid off by the end of April.  What a joke, remember how that was going to be paid off last October and the Truck loan in May.  Fat chance!  I will be lucky to pay off the truck next fall.  But that is okay, remember less stress, do not over pay and then have to debt to pay bills. 

     I find myself becoming more realistic about just how much money it costs to survive, then live, then live with extra.  It costs a lot.  Going on this no/low spend challenge really helps.  It has made me realize that I really need to live this way all the time.  Not fun I know, but in order to make progress, I just have to.
     I ran into Macy's and paid the last of the Christmas bill, not much but it was a carry over from a return after Christmas and an exchange that actually cost more than the returned gift.  I essentially used their money for about 6 weeks.  I also went to Ross and right as I walked in I saw a set of white 500 thread count combed cotton sheets marked down to $22.99.  Perfect!  Now I will be on the look out for a blue or brown set.  I love Ross and try to make sure everything I buy there is a mark down from their original price.  If you wait long enough everything goes down really low there.  But sometimes you miss out.  That's okay a set of $129.00 sheets for $22.99 is okay with me.

     The housekeeper called and she is not coming this week as she is taking care of one of her other clients that fell and wants her full time for a while.  She needs the money and called to see if I would mind her skipping me.  Heck no!  Also with both kids gone, I really don't need her every week.  I was thinking of going to every other week, which would save me $128.00 a month.  This is the perfect reason to do so.  I cleaned the toilets this morning and it did not kill me.  In fact I think my stiff hands improved with a little scrubbing.

     I had two more parent come in a pay last night.  I have a huge sign above the tuition box that reads if you are paying your tuition after the 10th add a $20.00 late fee.  They both did!  No questions asked. Both sets had just come in from a Valentines dinner out, I know because I saw them enter the restaurant across the street when they dropped their little darlings off.  I was thinking, gee you can eat out but you can't pay your tuition?  $40.00 tip! Ka jing!

    Well, I have 4 zippers that need to be replaced and a Wedding dress calling me.  So I had better get going.  Hubby and I also will finish the toy box tonight.

Out My Window:  Cool but a little bit of sun.

     Still have not done the kitchen cupboard.  Just too lazy....

Have a great and productive day!


  1. Congrats on not owning any taxes. Even with a slower pace, you are still on the right track. And that's the important thing!

  2. Very happy to hear you don't owe on either set of taxes! I think you have the right idea with taking it easy. I think back to the Tortoise and the Hare story. Plus more positivity will only help the situation!!! Less stress means being more productive and happier. Just better all around! Thanks for being you!

  3. Like I said last week your comments turned my much wishing my life away.

    I am glad they paid the late fee...if they can go out to eat they can pay the tuition, more for you!

    Slow and steady wins the race

  4. It's hard to maintain tunnel vision on debt for very long....if you have a long debt road to hoe, you'll burn out before you get to the end. When we had debt it wasn't a crippling load so we got intense and focused and lived on next to nothing until it was gone. That was a couple years tops....I couldn't have maintained that focus for longer than that. I would rather do that(be extra uncomfortable with it and get it gone asap)than be more casual about paying it off and letting it linger for years. If we had had too much to pay off within 2 years I would have probably been extreme for a year, then gone 'normal' focus for a year, rinse and repeat until we were done. Don't if I could have held myself to that but I would have tried to.

    I love how your late payers get charged 'stupid tax' and you get a bonus to throw at debt!!!lol

  5. I'm so glad you didn't up in the hole with your taxes - hallelujah! LAZY? That's the last word I would ever use to describe you! Tired maybe, busy maybe, but LAZY - NEVER! $40 in "tips" is a great little bonus - hurrah for late payers lol!

  6. Every step forwards is one more in the right direction. I have a friend at work that always says at the start of a big task "We are going to be eating an elephant today" "One bite at a time". Silly but it makes sense.
    (That is a sweet way to make $40 bucks!)

    Gave a blogger award to you on my site Kim, check it out!