Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Frustrated with comments!

     Okay I am catching up on blogs and this new comment thingy, (don't know what else to call it) is driving me nuts.   I either I am blind or impatient or both but I constantly cannot figure out what they want me to type and then after about three tries I am done.  Also my very favorite blogger Rhitter the first blog I ever read, I can't comment at all.  It keeps asking me for an address of someone else?  So for you Rhitter, Congrats on the pay off amounts and please e-mail me directly so we can talk as the blog thingy( yes there is is again)  won't let me.
     We had a very busy hard weekend.  Lots of moving and I am exhausted.  We drove 8 hours there moved, packed, moved, packed, cleaned, drove 8 hours home.  But I was able to see grandson and he is cute and fun the best!  I love their new house.  Much larger than I expected.  Three good sized bedrooms and two full bath up stairs.  Large front room , office/bedroom, full bath, kitchen and dining room downstairs.  Tons of storage.  I love the walk in pantry off the kitchen.  Also a walk in under the stair cupboard that is carpeted and leads clear under the wide stairs that turn and go upward.  We put grandsons toys in this closet and you can see him playing from the kitchen.  So daughter can clean/cook dinner and still see the baby.  It is a wonderful set up.  He just played in there for hours and we worked away at the house.  It has a three car garage! (We have a one car)  It also has a huge loft room unfinished above the garage.  They would have to have 6 kids to fill that space.  The good news is they bought it for about $100,00 less than it originally appraised for and put a huge down payment on it and owe less than most older couples owe on houses they have paid on for years.  But they waited 5 years to buy a house, have a 4 year old car paid for and drive another that is a 1985 jeep.  No debt except for the house.  This is the way to do it folks.
     My daughter has admitted to me that growing up with no money and the constant lack there of and worry about bills has made her not want to live the way we lived.  That makes me feel bad but also I am proud of her for seeing that the cycle needed to be broken.  She is just much smarter and much better at this than I was.  I look back and try to see how I could have done it differently, but looking back does no good if you are beating yourself up.  Look forward and do not make the same mistakes.  ( Go and sin no more)
     I am going for my first medical treatment of the new arthritis drug this Friday.  I will drive 2 hours to middle daughters Thursday evening. after I teach and clean the bank.  She will then take me into Spokane to Sacred Heart Medical. I will have the IV drip and she will drive me back to her place.  If all goes well I can start self injecting later next week.  I am still frustrated about the cost, but if this works it will be worth it.  I am getting worse and worse and I cannot imagine not trying to seek help.
     We were able to stay on budget with this trip and I came home with over $100.00 cash not spent, but this has really been an expensive month with all the travel and gas and now I am going again. Also I have now been able to sew for many days of the month because of travel and I am so(sew) behind.
     I was able to add over $5.00 in change to my sealed pot.  I heard Carla was weighing hers?  Great idea!

     Out My Window:  It is rainy, I mean really rainy.  Typical winter here.  It should be like this for the next several weeks and then be a beautiful spring.

     Well I had better get myself cleaned up and hit the machines.  I also have to figure out a new sound system for the studio, as the one we were using was on loan from an Irish group and they go on tour this week.  I do have smaller systems but with 28 pairs of hard shoes going you really need a good set of speakers. I need to figure out another challenge after I tackle the tupperware cupboard.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I know what you mean, I hate the new verification thing. I can never read what it says!

  2. I was wondering why I have not seen any comments - my email is rhitter1994@msn.com. I am going to fix my comments setting right now.

  3. I am SO there with you on the Captcha deal. It drives me nuts. I can't comment on Rhitter's post either. I think DarthCapOne is doing this to her blog so she wont add to the snowflakes she was making from everyone's comments...

    I hope your visit to the dr's goes well. The house deal sounds amazing, especially how much they paid for it! Last, it probably wasn't easy for your daughter to admit to that. I am glad she feels comfortable enough to discuss this with you and is willing to make a change. You've taught her well!

    (Also, your blog does have the Captcha/word-verification-thingy enabled... sucks! If you want to remove it, go to Blogger's Dashboard > Settings > Comments > scroll to "Show word verification for comments" and disable.)

    1. Woot! I don't have to prove I'm not a robot anymore! Now I can go back to my world domination plan as a very intelligent computer life form... (it seems it's still on... grr. I wonder if it's still on for my own blog?)

  4. Welcome back home! You did have a very busy weekend but congrats on staying under budget! And your daughter's house sounds really great. And you know what, I think you did a wonderful job raising your daughter. I know my parents made a few financial mistakes(still do) but I'm grateful that they taught me simple skills, and how to be frugal. And even if you, guys, made a few mistakes along the way,she can learn from them. That's how I feel, and I bet she feels the same way about you. Have a wonderful day, Kim!
    ps-Oh, and I can't comment on Rhitter's blog either :( I don't know what's going on with the blogger.

  5. Again, you never cease to amaze me at all you do. The new house sounds great! And DD sounds like she is a really smart cookie.

    I pray all goes well with your new treatments!!!

    Your comment word verification is still on. I'll go and get the directions I gave to Judy. I agree it's so annoying!

  6. Ok here it is:

    Judy I can't figure out how to disable it in the new interface but if you go to the old blogger interface (by selecting it from the gear wheel up in the top right hand corner). Once in there click on settings, then comments and scroll down the page to find show word verification for comments and make sure no is selected. To go back to the new blogger interface from there just scroll to the top and at the very top you will see "try the updated blogger interface" and you just click on that. Hope this is helpful and not confusing. :)

  7. Most of the blogger blogs I go to now have that new Prove your not a robot captcha thingy and it's AWFUL!! Now I'm really glad I went with Disqus for comments! Did you take any photos of your DD's new house?? That under the stairs carpeted area sounds like so much fun - I wish I was a kid again. I read this somewhere, probably on a blog - "Don't look backwards, you're not going that way!!" It has stuck with me, I really like it, Keep moving forwards - ain't nothing to be gained by looking back! I am praying that this new treatment brings you some much needed relief!!

  8. I feel like a slug with the little I got done over the weekend, compared to you Kim! ;-)
    Glad the move went ok and I am sure you are super glad that it's over, right?lol

    You got a smart kid there for waiting until they had good financial legs under them to buy a house(and such a deal they got too!).
    Don't beat yourself up that you weren't a better financial teacher when she was young. You can't always dictate your circumstances and we all do the best we can. And if the kids pay attention to what is going on, they either learn what to do or what NOT to do from us, right? At least that is how I learned....by watching my parents and doing the opposite of what they did. And it's kept me going in the right direction.

    I hope the treatments later this week put you in a good place physically. You can't put a price on good health so just spend the $$ and put your need out into the universe and don't fret about the cost. If you are feeling better you'll be able to work without or with less pain and the $$ will come.

    I forgot you were moving the kids and I was wondering where you had gotten to when I didn't see you post. ;-)