Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, Groundhog day!

     My husband and I were laughing the other night about ground hog day and whether the groundhog would see his shadow or not.  We both reflected back to childhood and how important this day was to us.  Although we craved the beautiful sun hitting the snow encrusted playground, blinding us, we also knew that Pete would see his shadow and we would be in for a longer winter.  I remember actually being depressed by this.  My husband admitted the same thing.  Just that feeling of uncontrolled malaise over an incident  that you felt affected your life in an undesirable way.  We both were silent for a minute and then I made the comment that even if he did see his shadow, winter was not officially over until March 21st.  Which by the way is 6 weeks from now.  We started to laugh at ourselves.  Yes, we have had long hard winters and then we have had no snow at all, I don't think Pete really had much to do about it. It was just interesting to share those feelings with each other and realize how as children we are so much alike, all of us have the same little fears.

     I have been running with scissors all day.  We had yet another death in the church, (they come in threes) and I had to go get a contract signed for the Irish show, take a care package to a girlfriend that had cataract surgery, meet with an announcer for a voice over of  Keatts poem during the ballet section of the show.  Now I am home breathing deeply.  Oh yes, and I needed to secure a U-haul for the daughters upcoming move this weekend.  It is less expensive for her to rent the truck here and drop it off at her new place then for us to all drive up and back.  But that was a fiasco, dumb people live here also, (I think Mysti thinks they all moved to her town).
     Still No Judy!  ARGHHHHHHHHH!   Splat!  Not happy, not happy at all.  I'm sure she is fit to be tied.  (Now Jane is thinking) Fit to be tied where did that expression come from? :)

     I am going to clean out the freezers today, and also the floor of my closet.  But first I am going to start some banana bread, as I found about 8 frozen bananas when I went to take a picture of the freezer upstairs.  I am also going to put some chicken in the crock pot and filet the salmon that is upstairs and cook it with some rice.  If I keep cooking I will not have to sew.  Bad Kim, very undisciplined today.

Out My Window: Absolutely beautiful blue sky.  Golfers are flying in from all over.  You can see small planes coming in from all directions.  I bet the control tower is jumping today!

Isn't this pretty, this refrigerator is in the garage and is 24 years old.

Okay who took this sideways?  But you get the picture, Right?
 My side of the closet floor, I think Hubby's ski hats are creeping over, the nerve!

Hubby's side of the closet floor, see the tri-pod we have never used it!

     These area's will be clean tomorrow, I think?

    So how many of you were also traumatized when Pete saw his shadow?

Have a great and productive day!




  1. That's exactly what my shoe closet looks like, not good!

  2. You'll be busy tomorrow! ;) Our groundhog (Wiarton Willy) did not in fact see his shadow, which is a good thing cause I had a recipe ready to go! ;) lol!

  3. Well in these parts Willie DIDN'T see his shadow so we're going to have an early spring, ha ha! Ok, so I just got up to go to the bathroom and got sidetracked bringing down the 8 bags of garbage and donations from my upstairs multi-purpose room...Oh Carla, what have you done?!? I still need to go pee!

  4. OK, Kim, will you come cook for me?? Salmon? Banana bread? YUM! ... The groundhog saw his shadow here, too. But since it's 72 degrees here today, I'll take another 6 weeks of this!


  5. We didn't have Groundhog day back home (it pays to live in the tropics!), but we're skeptic with the groundog. And a bit happy, perhaps. We havent had but less than 10 days of <30 degree F weather, and just this week we had 67, nice, sunny and warm. I can definitely put up with 6 more weeks of this!