Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, another Birthday!

     Today is my oldest daughter's birthday.  I just called her to wish her Happy Birthday and she says. "Mom I have to go, today is my day to do discovery",  That is lawyer talk for I am busy doing something I hate.  Anyway 31 years ago I had a bouncing 8lb,13 oz. baby girl.  My life has never been the same.  She has blonde curly hair and green eyes, smarter than she has a right to be.  She has a crack-whip sense of humor, a beautiful voice, and the cutest little boy in the world.  (I am not prejudice)

     I started to run a hot bath yesterday morning, I was in my bathrobe and I decided it was too hot so I added cold water and ran into the kitchen.  Then I came back and it was too cold, so  (no goldi locks is not part of this story)  on with the hot, shut the bathroom door to keep heat in and then took off the robe realized I had left cell phone in bedroom across hall, bath almost full, ran in my birthday suit to grab phone,  cat tries to come in bathroom, I set down the phone to shoe him out and door swings shut and locks!  Now I am in my skin, the tub will over flow, I have no cell phone as it is on the floor of the bathroom. Run into the kitchen (hubby is at church doing clerk work), start to grab sharp objects that might open lock on door.  Finally get a meat skewer to work.  Fun!  What have we learned from this?  To keep a meat skewer handy!

     Well  I still have not cleaned anything as I am in avoidance mode.  Need to work on that, but Jane cleaned here linen closet and mine is so much worse.

       Toy box I am recovering for grandson, it is pink from the last time I recovered it for B 17 years ago.

     Molded short bread, yes you must imprint it with your hand tradition.

Baked, sliced, not sliced this mold has the perfect little heart design on it.  It is Swedish. but perfect for Valentines day.
Chocolate dipped and ready to wrap!

Yeah! I got my shoes on for Church!

Offending cupboard!

                                            Linen closet, this is twice as wide as the door and it is deep, and it is full!

     Okay, I will try to get this managed but I have a lot of sewing to do.  We will see you just might get some improved pictures tomorrow, if I can catch up.  We need to finish the toy box recovery in the next few nights.  It is frustrating as I have to rely on hubby and my hands won't work a staple gun any more.  I remember a time when I could strip a  sofa in one day and recover it the next.  Now I cannot pull a staple without extreme pain.  My days of recovering furniture are over, but I sure enjoyed it while I could do it.

    After all the shopping this weekend, I still have $64.00 in my purse, but the car I am driving has the gas light on again!  There is no winning this war.
     Out My Window:  Very foggy and drippy and cool.

     I need to pay the studio rent today, get at least $100.00  worth of sewing done, go deliver some Valentine short bread, get some measurements at the high school for costumes before I get to the studio.  I had better get going.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Yum, yum!! I think, I need to come visit you:)

  2. I find as I read your post my reading gets faster and faster and faster as I try to keep up with you!! Whew! And wowzers that is one stuffed linen closet alright - makes mine look like a piece of cake - what the hell was I complaining about?? At least I could see the shelves in mine! Well, if you don't get it done today I'll understand - take a few more're gonna need it!
    Chocolate dipped shortbread...oh hips just grew an inch thinking about it!

  3. Happy Bday to your daughter!....and chocolate dipped anything is my favorite!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Lawyer Daughter! Looking pretty stylish there Kim. Maybe I can come visit (and munch on some of that yummy looking shortbread) while you give me fashion pointers?! Don't get buried in that stuff from the linen closet! It looks like it's ready to explode!

    Also, thanks for your great words of wisdom you shared with Judy about not wishing away the days! So true!

  5. Oh I almost forgot. I finished that Gail Vaz-Oxlade book. It was ok. Nothing life changing for me. If you could borrow it then I'd say go ahead and go through it (I skipped over some stuff) but I wouldn't say rush out and buy it.

  6. Mmm... Shortbread!! Dipped in chocolate is heavenly! :) Good luck with your closet, I've been slacking off this week with my Decluttering too! *blush*

    1. Carla, I cannot reply on your blog, it won't allow me to post. Happy Birthday!