Tuesday, February 7, 2012


     Well I sewed like a mad woman yesterday.  I actually took in more cash yesterday than I did the the whole of last week.  I still need to sew very hard today.  I have a lunch date with the TV station to get the commercial ready for the Celtic show.  I also need to pull together a list of #'s of old students who own Show dresses.  I hope to not have to make many more of these costumes as they are very time consuming.  I have at least 10 students who either moved up or have out grown their dresses.
                       The back of this fully lined full circle dress, They are beautiful when they spin!

                                                         The front, the cape is detachable.

     I've have made at lest 50 of these over the last 5 years and I would really like to be able to reuse.  I only allow 28 in the company so these dresses are some where. I have some snotty people who will not sell them back.  I now make dancers sign a contract that these can only be used for our performances so they cannot go out on their own with my design.  I really do not like the politics of the Irish dance world, but you have to protect yourself.  I might have to make a few smaller ones.  But we will see, I will know by next week.
     I need to go to the dollar store today and get some Valentine and Birthday cards.  I need to get treats for the students. I will do that on my way to lunch.

     I am steadily able to add money to the pig, but it is just a few coins a day.  This is really going to be a tight month.  I was just in my head figuring I had to have at least $2700.00 more $'s just to fund accounts and pay bills before I could make any kind of a dent on the CC.  I know I can do it, right now it is scary as money comes in in dribs and drabs.

     We are going to try and drive to  the oldest daughters house the weekend of the 18-19.  I must save for gas there and back and also Oldest daughter's birthday is the 13th, Valentines day and then grandson turns a year old on the 15th!  We are going to get him a wagon.  So I am figuring at least $400.00.  I had better get sewing!

     Out My window:  Frosty, but sunny, it will warm up to about 50 today.

     The dryer just stopped so that is my signal to get my day started.  I want to be able to sew at least $150.00 before I go to the studio.  I also can't forget to make a bank deposit!  Yikes always so much to do!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You DO always have so much to do. I think my brain would be up in smoke just trying to keep all that straight. Best of luck with sewing!

  2. Wow so pretty. And you are always soooo busy!

  3. Those dresses are beautiful! Hope you can locate the others. You are doing great bring in the $.

  4. What a gorgeous dress!! Reminds me of when Kazi was in a choreography group called The Silver Thistles and they all had purple dresses with capes. I miss those days. She hasn't danced competitively now for 6 years...so sad. Why do they have to grow up!!
    Happy sewing!!

  5. The dresses are sooooooo beautiful. It is a shame that some of them are MIA.

    Happy pre birthday to Grandson!

  6. that dress is gorgeous. I just watched a programme on TLC the other week about the Irish Dancing World event, it was very interesting.

    How long does it take you to sew an average dress?


    P.S. If you loved the dresser on my blog today, you'll adore the Welsh Dresser I have in my living room, I'll be posting photos of that tomorrow. Also remember to enter my giveaway.