Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, I've been tagged!

     Okay Little lamb got me:  Here are the rules, I think?

1, Post the rules
2. Answer the 11 questions
3. Make up 11 new questions
4. Tag 11 new people
5. Let them know they have been tagged:

Okay to answer Little Lamb,

1. What is the biggest financial challenge you are facing?
      Just trying to stick to my budget, especially where my extras are concerned.  It is hard, there is always something or someone who is there to take your money.

2. What is the best money saving tip you can share?
     Stay out of the stores, just don't go shopping.  Refuse.

3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
     Our religion really stresses mother's staying home and not working.  I married into a family where the women did not work outside the home.  My mother-in-law has never worked.  My sister-in- laws (husband's sisters have never worked)  this is a big no no to them.  However my husband did not get a job until he was almost 40, I was 30 at the time.  He was constantly unemployed, we were poor.  I was told if I was more faithful I would be blessed.  I tried and tried to make money stretch, I tried to pray and be as perfect as I could because obviously it was my fault, I wanted too much, I spent too much.  When hubby finally landed a job with his degree, it was the lowest paying job on the market.  We finally had benefits but we qualified for food stamps.  I gave up when my youngest was about 2 and went to work.  Mostly volunteer work with small stipends, so I could say I was not working.  Oh by the way, did you know that if a woman works her husband won't?  So the reason hubby was or is underemployed is my fault.  Because no man will work when his wife will do it for him. Direct quote from my mother-in-law.  I waited for years for someone to rescue me as I spent money I did not have, surely eventually  if I was good I would be able to pay my bills.  It never happened.  I finally decided to ignore the dogma, get a job and work as hard and as much as I could.  I opened two businesses and I am climbing out.  Oh by the way the reason my girls are not married (at 18 or 19) and they just go to school and get advanced educations is because Hubby and I have had an unhappy marriage and they do not want to get married and have kids as I have not set a good example.  Yes a quote from the mother-in-law.  I have one grandchild, Hubbies sisters, have 10, and 18 with no end in site.  Do I care?  NO!!!!!!!!!

4. What is your proudest accomplishment? 
     That two of my daughters are highly educated and have great jobs.  They can support themselves and a spouse if necessary.  Third one is in college.

5. What is the best piece of advice you have been given in your life?
     Love your neighbor
6. What is your best cleaning tip?
     Do not leave the room(s) in the morning, bedroom, bathroom, without cleaning up behind you, make the bed.
7. Do you clean a little each day or is it all saved for one time?
     I have a routine that I do every morning, it keeps the place picked up.  I also have a cleaning lady once a week.  However I am a stasher as you will see from Carla's challenges; if it is behind a door or in a drawer and can't be scene than it is clean. Not!
8. What is your least favorite chore and what makes it pleasant? 
     Ironing,  I make a game out of it.  I will do 5 pieces and then I can have a treat.

9. What do you wish you did more often?
      Saw my grandson!

10. What is one important thing about you that you would like to share?
     I am very straight forward.  You will always know what I am thinking.  When I am joking and you think, Oh she is so funny,  I may actually mean what I just said.
11.  What is one thing that your mother did, that you said you would never do, but sometimes you do it anyway?
      My mother always took the side of the child that was the underdog or in a bad spot or responsible for the argument.  If she felt that the odds were stacked against a child even if those odds were placed their by said child she would take their side.  If my alcoholic, bad-tempered drug induced brother came home and did not want you talking on the phone, you had to quit.  Because if you upset him you were just asking for it.  She never ever took your side in an argument.  She always chose the wrong side. If one of my kids is obviously in the wrong, I tell them in no uncertain terms that they are wrong. But when they quibble about stupid things like who took the last doughnut I tell them to get a life which probably makes me just like my mom.  They claim I takes sides, so who knows maybe as Mother's we do.

My New Questions:

1. Why do you blog about personal finance?
2. What is your favorite vegetable?
3. What is the worst financial mistake you ever made?  Was it a mistake or on purpose?
4. Do you like that new car smell?
5. Do you own pets?
6. Do you have a bad habit you would like to quit?
7. Are you going to watch the Academy Awards?
8. If you were debt free, what would you do with all your extra money?
9. How much time do you spend blogging on average?
10. What is your favorite season? Why?  If you can't choose list the order.
11. Do you ever look back at your life and think okay that was one thing I did right?  What was it?

Okay: Taggies

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Okay that is all I can handle tonight, Jane has tagged me and I will try to respond tomorrow, after I try and see what I will do for Carla's challenge.  The tupperware cupboard awaits!

Have a peaceful night,





  1. That is a very revealing list Kim. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I just have to ask since you've mentioned it quite a bit.....what religion do you practice?
    Nosy Nellie me...

    And telling your kids to get a life is NOT taking sides...unless you are taking YOUR OWN side.lolol

  3. Wow. I surely hope you don't have to see your monster in law very often! That's quite a set of rules. But I'm not going into that other than to say I quit organized religion a few years ago with no regrets. Kim, you've done an incredible job raising your children, I never knew the challenges you faced. You're set your kids an awesome example!
    Oh, and I didn't know you'd already been tagged so if you want to pass, that's ok with me.

  4. Kim I'll swap you your ironing for my cooking anytime! :)
    You've done a great thing for your daughters with their education and your work ethic. It must have been very difficult with family pressures like that.

  5. Holy moly Kim. I am now just catching up on my blog reading...

    I'm trying to figure out what religion doesn't like a Mom to work??

    Good thing you are a strong-willed woman...or you would be destitute!

    By the way, you didn't mention if you liked your mother in law? (hee, hee, that's a joke,,really.)

  6. Thanks for playing along and sharing. You've been through and overcome lots (and that's just the parts you've shared). You are an inspiration!!!

  7. Ugh, the church (of various denominations) can be so hard and unrealistic on women! Good for you for standing up to the church without leaving it.