Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, What the fund?

     Watched the Ballet piece for the Celtic show last night and it is beautiful.  Ghosts and wolves.  Modern in flat slippers, and very good choreography.  I am so proud of these kids.  Now if I could just get the Celtic kids to do the same it is their show after all.
     Still in costume nightmare and will be here for a while.  I will finish up the costumes for the Boyfriend today and then start on whatever.  Tonight I really must get the costumes organized for the Celtic kids.  I am just in avoidance mode. But I did get the Drama class at the High school to agree to cut out all my symbols so that will save me time.  Just pray I don't have to make over 5 dresses.
     March looks good for bills, I think.  I only have a water bill $196.00 and two small life insurance bills for the girls that are extra, $150.00.  I keep insurance on them until they graduate and have all their loans paid off. 
      Also I was thinking that I have these two funds.  One the emergency fund and the other is a studio savings fund.  I could use a vacation fund, a medical fund, a car repair fund, a Christmas fund, a gift fund, a house repair fund.  That would be 8 funds to fund!  Say that fast 5 times!  I know some of you have many separate accounts at ING to sort all this money, but right now for me in my debt pay off I can only handle my two funds.   I also put $500.00 in to an IRA, but I will not stop this plan until I am down to a mortgage payment.  Then I can for see breaking up the car loan and distributing it into different piles.

     I do save for different items through out the year.  Like the fridge and this month we spent money moving the girls.  But this is done with cash on hand and not savings.  I wish I could save more but I am not willing to sacrifice my already frugal life style.  But reading Judy's post with her plumbing problems, and now Mysti with her cracked tooth,  we all really need more savings.  Or different savings accounts.  Scary, always something happening.  So I got to worrying about it yesterday and then I thought, you can't deal with this right now.  Today you can deal with what you have.  The future is the future, it is what you do today that will affect your future, so get your work done, don't debt, live below your means and carry on.  That is what I did.  Someday I will superfund the funds.  But not today.

     Out My Window:  Cold, but Spring is right around the corner!  Three little birds outside the window this morning woke me up.  It was sunny, they were singing!

     I am going to get dressed and return to my costume dungeon and work like a slave.  Because that is what I do best!

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I am torn between reducing the credit card with all available money OR splitting it up between savings and debt.

  2. I'm with you - it's hard for me to figure out how to allocate my money. And, I get so tempted to buy college credits for the kids, pay down debt, etc & then realize that I was supposed to be earmarking that savings money for travel (or car insurance, or whatever) later in the year. I've started leaving it in one fund, but using Excel to track what I'm supposed to be saving it for. . .

  3. I prefer to just keep two funds. One as EF and another one for short-time usage (like vacations, small inconveniences, spare cash, etc). Take. It. EASY! No slaving of Kim.

  4. No matter how many FUNDS you FUNDING have you will never have enough FUNDING FUNDS! If you know what I funding mean. Something else always pops up. And the more funds you have the less you can put into each of them because it's not like you magically have more money just because you have more funds. One funding thing at a time right?

  5. I agree with Jane the funds could swamp you, we never have enough.......