Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Madness Savings

     I am proud to say that I had a great week in saving money and here are some of the things I did.

1.  Cooked and ate all meals at home this last week.
2. Ate or fed all leftovers to chickens
3. Chickens laying again even the Americana!

4. Bought all zippers and things for the shop with 50% off coupons
5. Used coupons to buy many of my products at the stores.. I only coupon on things that I will use.
6. Purchased 10 lbs of chicken breasts with a rain check, and bought 4 racks of ribs, and 3 lbs of burger and a huge ham for over 50% off.
7.  Made cookies for Valentine gifties and will mail out today.  Material purchased for 50% off to make a set of napkins and runner.
8.  Did a Sluggy at rite aid, purchased, $86.75 worth of good for under $19.00, I know, I know I am not as good as the Slugster but a girl can dream right?

     Mom was so nerved up about the Superbowl last night that she threw herself into A-fib.  Luckily I caught her in time and was able to bring her down.  I thought it was so funny as Hub's had to leave for Orchestra before the final score and mom was upset that he did not think his team had won.  It was so cute I imagined myself taking this 84 year old woman into the emergency room and telling them the episode was caused by the Super Bowl score.

     I have developed the cold that mom and Hub's had last week.  It has really affected mostly my eyes and I am freezing one minute and boiling the next. Eyes are goopy and itchy.

   Daughter and grandson were able to get down for about 24 hours.  it was so fun.  She went to church with her grandma and took the baby who entertained everyone by crawling all over the church during the service and letting anyone who wanted pick him up.  I hope the minister did not work too hard on his sermon because no one was listening, according to my daughter. Daughter was able to run the bridges yesterday and I was so jealous.  I know I could walk them but oh to be able to run again.

     I cooked the largest ham I have ever seen yesterday along with potatoes, green beans and corn bread.  I will get several meals off that ham so I will be freezing several bags for soups and for other dishes.

I also made a strawberry rhubarb cake, which was delicious.  Try it!

One strawberry cake mix  .89  (on sale)
4 cups of frozen rhubarb (free)
3/4 cup sugar  ( .50)  maybe)
3 eggs, (chicken)
1/2cup oil (.15)

Make cake mix according to package directions, coat frozen or fresh rhubarb( chopped into 1/2 inch pieces) in sugar and then dump on top of cake mix .  This recipe works best in a 9x 12 pan  Eat with whip cream or ice cream.  It is moist and delicious.  Makes 12 nice size servings for pennies.

     I have already made 6 trips up stairs in the last hour for mom, just got her the last of the cake and whip cream to take her pills with.  Bribery always works with her.

Well I am off, I have finally gathered all my tax things and I can get those finished.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh that cake sounds fantastic! I still have a week left on the whole30 thing and then I will have to try it!

    1. I know I think about you and I feel bad, don't eat the whole cake by yourself, in a closet with the door locked and a flashlight with a can of whip cream and a good novel.......

  2. I'm so happy your mom is okay, but I was laughing at the game causing her health troubles. That would have made for an epic emergency room story. ;-)

    1. I know, it was so funny, luckily we were able to control it although I was up most of the night taking her stats every hour on the hour.

  3. Is this something common with elderly people--getting worked up and going into aFib? What do you do to help her without taking her to the hospital?

    I never was a baker when sewing. I don't know how you manage to bake and sew!

    1. As long as her heart beat comes down within a certain time and does not go above 120 I will keep her she will usually stabilize within the hour.

  4. I went to bed without knowing my team had won!! I gave up hope when the score was 21-3 in the 4th quarter. Shame on me! Glad to hear you had a nice fun weekend, even with the cold.