Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday, Really? Just shake your head...

     I know (those of you who read me should know) that every time I try to leave town for any length of time I end up with huge amounts of last minute work coming into the shop.  Now I could say no, (but I am motivated by money)and sometimes I have to.  The boys and girls club dance and auction is on November 2nd.  It is one of the few fancy things this community does.  I have never attended. I am not fancy.  My kids have performed at this event many times over the years.

     So in the last few days I have been taking in formal dresses from clients.  Now two weeks before an event is not a bad time line to try and get a seamstress to do your work.  But in an area that only has two open alterations shop for over 150,000 people (100 mile radius) that is still a tight squeeze. I feel bad that I will not be in town to do much of this work but that is the way it is.

     But this scenario which happens more often that I like just floors me.

Phone Rings:

"This is Kim can I help you",

"I have a formal dress that just came in the mail and it needs to be hemmed."

"When does the dress need to be worn?"

"November 2nd."

"Well I have to leave for wedding this Thursday late so if you want it done you must get in here today."

" (Pause on the phone)"

"I can do an evening appointment if you are working."

"I run  a daycare in my home and most of the kids get picked up by 5."

"that is great 5 it is."

" Well I have another appointment with my new eyelash lady and I can't make it until Tuesday."

Now my mind goes into over drive judging which I know is wrong. Asking myself? Do you want your dress done?  You can't drop over after? Or before?

"Okay you can drop it of at 10:00 o clock on Tuesday."

" Well I can't get there until after 5."

     Now I am thinking how far are you going to push this out lady?  So when will you be able to pick it up.  I can see some one as inconsiderate as this coming at 6 p.m. Thursday when we are trying to leave.   So you can first of all afford to go, and buy a dress and afford eyelash extensions which run about $100.00 a month and I am just supposed to be waiting here to serve you.

     Oh I will do the dress, but her pick up time will be decided by me and strictly adhered to and I will charge her more money for last minute consult.

     I guess the reason she irked me so was every dress that has come in for this event has been brought in by an emaciated, overly tanned, overly bleached, overly boob jobbed, woman.  The dresses barely cover anything and they are all kind of snooty.  ( okay maybe I am a wee bit jealous of the emaciated part).  Do their husbands want them to look this way? What drives them?  The money one has to spend to stay like this is enormous. Okay again I am judging.  From someone who considers her boob job her husband these kind of people are hard to take over and over again.

     I also realize I am a service industry, but when ones says they are leaving town and they agree to take you in at the last minute you should be grateful enough to at least work with them.  But this is often not the case.

    Okay enough complaining.

Today on Kim's agenda:

1. go to phone company get an international Sim card put in phone
2. go to Rite-aid to use up points that will expire before I get back
3. Alter nieces wedding dress for the last time
4. hem three pairs of trousers
5. patch three pairs of jeans
6. shorten straps and put slit in a formal dress
7. alter bodice on a formal dress
8. alter bodice on a formal dress
9. hem a formal dress
10.hem a bridesmaid dress
11. wait for ding a ling to bring in her dress

     Just pray the phone does not ring for any more of these kind of alterations.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I can't believe how rude some people are. She obviously thinks her time is more important than yours. You are a good lady - because I would have so NO after the first "well I can't".
    Don't over do it.

    1. People do amaze me. Her dress is done, but what a ding bat.

  2. Either people meet your parameters or they don't. It's as simple as, "You must drop off the dress no later than X day at Y time, or I cannot accommodate you."

    You don't need to care about her day care, her eyelash lady, or her boob job. You only need to care when she can get you the dress X day at Y time. It's all her problem, not yours. Don't take on other people's life issues along with their hem jobs.

    1. These people sure expect me to don't they? Well sister that ain't happnin.

  3. You say you should not judge. There is also a verse that says, "By their fruits you shall know them. "You know she cares more about her time than yours" amongst other things. So, your "judgment" is merely and observation. I would not take the dress if she is one minute later than YOU want it.

    I had someone call me and beg me to alter a child's pageant dress at 10 Pm the night before the pageant at 8 am the next morning.

    1. Well talking about fruits these ladies, have some large melons. Just sayin...

  4. I am with Sue. It fits the parameters you set or it doesn't get done.

  5. Your plans are as important as her plans. MORE important! Because they're YOUR plans! Set a time period and stick with it. Then it's on her. Too bad, so sad if she can't make it. Not your problem.

  6. Kim, Kim-no, sometimes that is the best answer.

    1. That is a hard word for me, but I am slowly learning.

  7. Might not be a boob job as I have daughters that would look like they did. Too many order from the internet and don't check the size chart before ordering or go on a diet to wear a smaller size than they ordered

    When I was working the "service" as a chef (personal and private) I would always block the day before I leave and the day after.I told my Hubby the answer was always I am sorry that time is blocked. Hubby does it now when people ask him to haul, one actually asked him what he was doing that he had it blocked and he told them working at home. The guy showed up to help on that day, wanted nothing in return just felt Hubby should have the help he was giving to others.

    You need to respect YOURSELF and refuse to bend when you shouldn't

  8. i have nothing scheduled for tomorrow but me.