Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday, Sick hubby, rethinking todays goals

     I was pleased to get as much sewing done yesterday as I did and I planned to get the rest of yesterdays list of things done today but that plan is out the window.  This is a little scary as it will put me behind for next week but this cannot be helped. Everything that is due out today is done.  However I had 4 dresses for bridesmaids come in yesterday that also have to be out before I leave , plus two bridesmaids and alter of a wedding dress again for my niece.  As busy as this week has been I don['t think I can take on much else in the sewing realm.

     Hubs was able to run quite a few errands for me yesterday as I sewed.  I was grateful for this.  He took a box of three coats that I had replaced zippers in to the post office and mailed to an owner up north.  He went and bought chicken stock that I was out of at the local cheap canned store.  I should have seen that something was amiss when he laid down to put ear drops in and fell into a deep sleep and almost missed the opening of the news.  He rushed downstairs just as it was starting and I knew he had to be at the school at 6.  So I left the machine and went upstairs and made him a plate of leftovers so he would eat before he left.

     I went over to Lil sis's about 6:30 after my last client came at 6:00.  I still had one funeral dress to hem, but know I could do that in front of the TV when I got home as it was hand work.  Lil sis has worked herself into a panic attack the last few days over the upcoming wedding.  She works long days and then comes home to all the things that have to be done and I think she is exhausted and just puts things off.  I don't blame her, but we leave in less than a week and there are trunks and suitcases of things that need to go down to Can Cun.  They have to be packed and much of it is glass wear. Things really need to be thought out.  I had to put my big sister foot down (I was channeling Sissie) as I knew she would feel so much better if she just did something. So between her and I we got all the wedding glassware and gifts and decorations packed into one large trunk and a large suitcase.  I also ordered her shoes for her mother of the bride dress.  She said she could not find anything and I typed into Amazon prime and came up with a darling pair right off the bat.  I think she is just frozen in worry.  I have been there.

     When Lil sis and I were finally done with what could be done I got a call from Hub's at the high school.  He was really sick.  I asked him to call me back if he felt that he could not drive.  But by the time I got home he was already here.  There is a short term stomach virus going around town that is wiping out everyone.  How he managed to get it and not me is beyond my comprehension.  With his essential tremors he has very slow and poor reaction time and does not move quickly when sick.  Needless to say I have now done 4 loads of laundry and have changed a King size bed twice.  I keep sterilizing my hands every time I go into the master bedroom.  We are supposed to get a large pot of soup done today and cookie dough, on top of this I realized I have parents coming over with kids for practice tomorrow ( kids orchestra) and the house has not been vacuumed or dusted and cleaned since before I left.

     This house gets very dusty and dirty in 2 weeks time and it needs a thorough run through.  We have a corgi which is a non stop shedder and two cats adding to the dust. So the sewing I was going to get done today is on the back burner and house work is on the menu for the day.

The (*&^%$ list:

1. get laundry done(not the kind of laundry you want sitting around nuff said)
2. sweep and clean up shop floor
2. sweep and clean up downstairs hall
3. vacuum and clean up family room
4. clean off computer desk
5. vacuum stairs (pet hair yikes)
6. clean upstairs guest bath
7. sweep and vacuum hall
8. dust and vacuum front room
9. clean chairs and floor in dining room (dusty, pet hair)
10. Make pot of Salmon bisque
11. make up a double batch of rolled sugar cookie dough
12. clean kitchen
13. set out things to make frosted sugar cookies for kids tomorrow
14. go to church function
15. get dough ready to roll out and also make up 1/2 of dough to have it ready for tomorrow

     The church function does not stat until 6:30, and I think I can punch through the house work in about 2 hours if I concentrate and hub's has no more needs (nice way of putting this).  This is just not what I had planned for today.  Kim plans God laughs.

     On a happier note, all of our stock port folios ( we have so many you know *snort*) went up this month and I found $35.00 I did not know I had in the cash box, which I stopped using when my purse was stolen.  The police did not like that I used a cash box in plain site.  So it sits there empty, well it was not empty!  Nice little find.

     Well I am off to get my chores done wish me luck.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm just checking in here, but why in the world would your sister haul glassware, decorations and presents to Cancun? Borrow or rent the first two when you get there and leave the presents at home. Talk about turning a joyous occasion into a hellish one for your sister.

  2. Well the glasses were personalized and the resort charges so much for things that we can get for pennies here. As in if you move a chair 100 feet from one area to another it is $4.00 I can move 35 chairs in a few minutes. If you want a chair bow it is an additional $9.00. Buy them here and it will cost you$300.00 less. I would not have done the glass wear. But I will support her as she supported me. I also would never do a destination wedding. Again I will support her crazy decisions.

  3. I am glad Anne asked that question. Supporting your sister is great. But, glassware? hey, I would used plastic at that distance. It is too bad they take advantage with such high prices. Well, it all sounds fun.

  4. Sorry that your hubs was bitten by the short-term bug. Hope he starts feeling better. You have made remarkable progress on your list.

  5. I want what ever you take for that much energy... Running on zero with allergy crud that feels like strep or bronchitis crud. LOL
    Glad you are being supportive of your sister...

  6. Glad I read comments before typing my question. I have wedding planning on my brain a lot-not my kids, but a niece, a nephew and one of my staff. I too think we all make too much out of these one days events, but then I know I will do the same.