Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, Little of this and a little of that

     I was very proud of myself this last week as I kept to my goals, spent as little as I saw fit, talked myself out of a few things, like going out to diner last night, but then Hub's had to be at the high school so that made that choice easy. 

     I was able to pay the one bill I had not paid on the first.  It is the remodel bill, actually it is the original bill from the sewer collapse.  Which should have been paid by now.  But we keep tacking on to it.  As we tack on the payment goes up.  Last year we tacked on $5000.00 to try and finish up the kitchen which was way over budget.  The payment is $326.00 which is like a car payment.  It is a huge chunk of money.  But I managed to squirrel out of the budget and my sewing, and dribs and drabs to pay this and also if you will notice the first week in July I have put away over $300.00.  I am well on my way to meeting my goal.

     I just have to be very careful.  After I get this savings goal established, I plan to pay back my sister and then work really hard on the kitchen remodel loan.  It would be great to see it paid by Christmas but that is probably not realistic.  I can dream however.  Once that large payment is gone all that will be left is the studio credit card, the house payment and a few smaller bills, that I am working on. The studio credit card has to be paid off next year.  So by October of 2018 it must be gone. That will be the next BIG worry. 

     I don't stress myself over smaller totals, it is the big ones that take so much money out of the budget that get me.  I can always come up with $50-$60 to make a payment and I usually always round up to $100 so I can pay things off faster, but those big payments are out of my reach and have to be paid.  So let's get rid of those suckers!!!!!!

     Last night I went over to Lil sis's place and pulled all the lovely orange flowered wall paper off her master bedroom so she can paint it.  We also started on the spare room which has vinyl paper and is harder to remove.  After that is done it is just the ceilings in the other two bedrooms.  Lil sis has her work cut out for her.

     I need to feed the mother, water the plants, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, straighten the family room, vacuum, and go with hub's to get boards for the deck.  So my day will be full.  Hub's has to work again tonight so I will go to sister's and help again.

Need to get my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow, I remember when you had too many payments to count and now there are so many items paid off!! You're getting there Kim and I have faith that you'll get all the way there!!

    1. I hope so, it has just taken so long and I am so afraid of a reversal.