Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday, Stripping the deck

     My dream is to be able to afford to have someone else do all the horrible maintenance chores, I have to nag Hub's into doing a poor job of.  Right now it is the deck.  I swear everything we do is labor intensive.  Scraping, sanding, spraying, moving, cleaning, painting.  It just never ends.

     Then again if I had the money I would probably be too cheap to spend it.  I can be funny that way.
     Right now we have the deck cleared and scraped and pressure sprayed.  Hubs will replace all the bad boards and then we will scrap and sweep again and I will paint.  I am happy we have not cleaned the pond yet as paint chips flew all over that are and will have to be cleaned up.

     It took us most of the afternoon to get a sprinkler head reset.  Actually I had to do this as Hub's could never have figured it out.  You see you have to put on bi-focals to read the instructions and Hub's does wear his.  You can avoid work when you can't see.  But I made him get down and screw the *&^% head in every time I reset it.  I too can be a nasty wench.

     Mom is up to her old self biting Lil sis's head off and being rude, when we happen to disagree with her.  She is getting very close to having a guardianship placed on her.
     I have a dancer coming over to fit a costume today.  All pieces of the bodice and lining are cut and ready.  I will get that together and then once that is a perfect fit I will attach the neck and arms.  I think I will do a muslin of the skirt as I want it to fold a certain way.

     Yesterday Hub's and I went to Wal-Mart and purchased, chicken, cat, dog food.  I also purchased some personal things like kleenex and a can of spray paint, another scraper.  We get home and hub's is out of shave cream  (yes even my storage hoard) and I am out of sensitive items.  I mean really anyone heard of a thing called a list?  You know that thing you write and leave on the counter at home when you go to the store.  At least when you make a list it kind of sticks with you.

     Well I hope to make great headway on a costume and I hope Hub's gets all the boards replaced.  I am making pork chops, sweet potatoes, salad, and fresh garden veggies for dinner.  Hubs want me and mom to make cookies that he can take up to his office and see the guys.   We will see.

I am off.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Do you ever wonder why you have to nag him, but he asks you once and you make cookies? lol Tell him he has to ask ten times. How would a guardianship work with her living with you?
    would that person handle day-to-day things like baking cookies? That should work for you! I hope she cannot talk someone else into giving things to your brother.

  2. Would you be willing to rent out your hubby? Our deck is need of a good cleaning and also needs to be stained. My dream is to have a maintenance free deck. Just wish they didn't cost so much!

    1. Mine too and it is a pain as hub's is old, weak, and lazy. If any thing is hard he immediately stops.It drives me crazy.

  3. My DIL quit practicing family law to become a legal guardian for elderly adults. The career flexibility fits her much better, but it has made a huge difference is families where 2 offspring are at odds about what to do with mother or where 1 offspring has been abusing the clients finances. Instead of allowing a courtroom circus she is appointed guardian (either permanent or temporary) and life gets easier for everyone. The clients respond better to her suggestions than they ever did their family, and it has been a win/win situation for most of them. It might be better to have a guardian, then you and Lil sis would be off the hook about decisions.
    Quit doing so much every single day. You make me feel like a sloth.

    1. I had $340.00 worth of work come in today, I cannot stop.

    2. Anne,
      How interesting. I just wondered how much power the guardian had and how much control of the client. I am easy to get to quit because my body stops me!