Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, Money saving madness

     Here it is a lovely Monday and it is going to be hot again today.  Yesterday was cooler and that was nice.  I wanted to paint the deck but as it was Sunday I hesitated.  I did not go to church  because I could not sleep with Hub's leaving so early in the morning.  I was worried about waking on time.  He can no longer hear alarm clocks and I must wake him.  In my paranoid state I just could not sleep.  Booking on 1.5 hours of sleep and vertigo I just slept right through the beginning of our church.  I'm sure God understands.  But I was not going to push it so far attempt to break the Sabbath by painting an entire deck.  I am a hard worker and I have a tendency to over work,. ( If you haven't noticed)  I truly believe in the blessing of the Sabbath.  Take time and rest that is what it is there for.  I have a hard time resting.

     Talk about resting I did not clean the kitchen yesterday and it is a pigsty.  I did putz around the house and watched movies with mom, and I cleaned out the drawers in the shop as I sat and watched TV.

      Things I did this week to save money!

1. picked fresh produce from the garden to eat as veggies, and salads.
2. cooked all meals at home from scratch
3. only went to the grocery store ONCE and stuck to the list.
4. Dried large items outside on fence to save on dryer cost.
5. used Joanns coupons for all purchases for shop
6. Went through an old dresser given me from a friends mother's sewing room.  It was packed full of sewing notions and thread.  I will never have to buy a needle again.  I was able to really stock up on thread.
7.  I am saving the tall narrow 6 drawer dresser for D#3's new apartment.
8.Went up to D#3's apt and regained 4 laundry baskets and a boat load of hangers.
9. fed all food scraps to the chickens
10.Went to good will to buy old copper jello molds, as mom is eating so much sugar free jello with fruit.

     I am constantly purchasing those plastic food containers for leftovers and storage.  I know we all have a tupperware cupboard that is full of misfits.I sort through and throw away periodically.  Mom brought with her these bowl covers that fit over several sizes of bowls and I love them.  They do get old and gross after several washing but they are great for covering a small amount of food.

     Cottage cheese comes in a nice sturdy container  perfect for sending out things when I make meals for others.  I never used to keep these because I bought the nice shiny new plastic ones.  Well I have decided not to anymore.  Mom found the plastic bowl covers at the dollar store and I was thrilled.  If you take a nice bowl some where you will be conscience and get it back.  With those large (and expensive) plastic containers you just think oh well they can have it.  This is why you never have them and are constantly going out and buying more.  We have created this huge plastics container industry because we can't figure out how to reuse what we have.

     You can pick up pie tins at thrift stores ( the give away ones from pie stores)  for pennies on the dollar.  I have given pies away fro years in these as they are much more stable than the tin foil ones.  It is just a thought.  I make so many meals for people I need to think of ways to save on the process.

Well mom needs breakfast, so I am off!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. You are right about reusing things we have. I save all the containers like cottage cheese and sour cream come in. They store either leftovers or they go filled with something I take to someone who needs food. I bought a ton of mismatched dinner plates for 10 cents each years ago and they are my cookies, brownies or whatever to go plates. I am about out of them so I need to restock my stash.

  2. I save containers to send food home with my friend. Occasionally, the containers get out of control and I end up tossing all but 3 or 4. Soon enough I have plenty of containers stashed again. It seems lately I don't send them off as fast as I once did.

    I doubt God would mind your cleaning the kitchen on Sunday, but what a good excuse not to wash

  3. LOL - yes, I have noticed that about you! I think you should rest on Saturday too as you work so hard! I never knew about lids that fit more than one size of container. Wish I had some - where do you get them?

    1. They are not lids actually. They are plastic, stretchy shower caps that fit different size bowls. But great for fridge to keep out air and such. Dollar store!