Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday, Can I retire?

     Yesterday was much better as far as the vertigo symptoms.  I wanted to do a little planting but that was out as bending over made the world spin.  So I spent my time in the shop.  I had 7 more dresses come in so it was not like I had nothing to do.

     Mom made banana bread.  I froze all of it, for her church group luncheon.

     Ballet Mistress was over all afternoon yesterday.  I sewed while she went over the order of the show.  Then she came by after classes and we ordered costumes.  We still have a few odd ball pieces that we need to find.  She was yawning by 10:30 so we quit and I went to bed and she went home.  I am trying to set limits with her so she doesn't overwhelm herself and exhaust me.  It was last year while she lived here that I almost had a break down.  If she wants to live crazy that is fine, but I choose to stream line my life just a little more.  Crazy comes sneaking in soon enough without inviting it in on a daily basis:)

     If she wants to come over and prattle I will not quit working to engage the chaos she creates in her mind.  I will just listen.  Mom says I handle her well.  Egads?  Why me?

     I was able to pick up a couple of flats of flowers to finish the boxes out back and I will get mom to help me plant those later this afternoon.  Then I want to get the back deck cleaned up for spring and summer.  That might be a waste of time as they will be remodeling in the kitchen.  Might have to rethink my strategy.

     I have several little to do items on my list in the next few days.  I also need to pay a few bills today.  I did not cook supper yesterday and I was in trouble for that, I also did not get mom's wind chimes hung and I was in trouble for that also.  I just cannot make everyone happy no matter how hard I try.

     Well I am off to conquer the world.......

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I can't wait to retire either!!! I've got at least 15 years left tho. darn.
    I plan to spend my retirement sewing all day.