Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, sorry things just go bonkers here

     Mom ended up in the ER last Friday and that threw the whole schedule  at least what schedule I had out of whack.  All the work I planned to do on Friday got pushed back to Saturday.  Mom is okay, we just thought she had a blood clot, so we had everything checked out.

     Saturday was bust and I don't even know why.  Oh yeah younger sister going through major drama and Mom very upset about this.  I am also, I just have to have faith it will all work out.

     Now I am really behind.  At least I was able to regroup yesterday. 

     I am having trouble trying to decide how to approach the studio next year.  Doctor visit yesterday was no so positive.  Although my arthritis is bad I feel pretty good.  Doctor is just concerned about me as I have mom and the shop and the studio and he knows how hard I work.  He said something has to give as my health is giving now and I knew that, I just don't want to make a choice.  But I have faith that everything will work out eventually.

     When things get like this I go into my , "Okay that is crap, but what can I get done today?"  Work is a great panacea for problems.   It is productive and it also can make you feel better.

     I am spending a good amount of time trying to keep mom's spirits up and that is hard.  My house is a wreck and the shop is overfull.  I have a major recital within the month and I can't seem to get my feet under me for any length of time.

     All I can do right now is what I can do right now.  Embroider that on a pillow.

Have a great and productive day, because I am going to work like He## to have one.



  1. You do too much Kim. You need to make some hard choices.....and I don't mean put Mom out. lolz Something has got to go/give soon. I know the studio feeds your soul but the shop feeds you(pays the bills). Once the retirement money is settled/coming in regularly on an even keel maybe you need to sit down with DH and see where you stand financially and what changes need to be made fiscally and mental healthwise.

  2. 100% agree with Sluggy! Kim you are a Gem of a woman, but if you don't do something soon about the stress you put yourself through doing all you do, you soon will be even more stressed because you will be bedridden and won't be able to do any of it. And that is not how your retirement should be. I thought you were getting disability payments and you were going to slow down once those came in.

    Please take care of yourself!

    Yours, DeeCee