Monday, April 4, 2016

Momday, I mean Monday...

     Okay today is the first day of spring break and I am so looking forward to 5 days of sewing getting caught up in the yard and the shop and generally just enjoying the fact that I don't have to go down to the studio.

     Mom is taking the view that now I can get a hundred things done for her.  No I do not want to go to the storage unit and get her doll house so she can sell it.  I have no room for it and I cannot lift it.  This will involve hiring young men and getting them there and back here and she will complain  about how much I pay them.  No I do not want to look up free tax places, she can pay someone.  Love her to death but she allows me no free time at all.

     It is rainy here so I am grouchy.  Hub's and I took a nice walk yesterday and I was hoping to take one today.  At least I wanted to be able to work in the yard a little.  But now I am stuck in the house.  Which really is okay as I have a ton of chores, a very messy house and so much to do in the shop.  I think I just want to whine.....   Fell free to ignore me.  I think I will ignore myself.

     I need to get moving and make myself feel better. Let's see what can I do?

     Make the beds,  pick up the dirty clothes, empty the trash cans, clean the toilets, vacuum, scrub the kitchen floor, clean the basement, do some laundry. Blah!  I know put away the China rabbits left over from Easter.  Or I could clean out the fridge!  Isn't my life exciting?

     I could finish paying some bills, or better yet, finish cleaning the desk area of the shop.  If I am busy working in the shop or the house mom will usually not require me to do something for her.  I don't mind helping her at all, it is just that she can't stand to see me waste time. I wonder who else is like that?  The apple, that apple that fell not far from its tree.  It needs to be eaten.

Have a great and productive day!

Kim :)


  1. Oh my! You have earned some slack time, enjoy it!

  2. When have you ever WASTED time?? I get exhausted just reading your long lists of things to do! It would take me a whole day to just get the basement cleaned!!