Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday, Yesterday was plain frustrating...

     Arghhhh!  That was yesterday.  Just plain busy and frustrating.  Mom came back unable to do her taxes because she did not have her last years taxes.  We have looked for them over and over.  I have gone through the storage, Sis had gone through it, Hub's no box of taxes.  So now mom has to go out to storage I made hub's take her as I had prom dresses coming into the shop.  They come back with no taxes as I could have told her, and about 10 boxes of her crap!

     I was furious.  I called my accountant and made an appointment for today at 11:00.  Yes she will have to pay to have them done.  She then takes the boxes and starts to unpack them in my shop.   I had 7 more dresses come in yesterday and the shop is so full.  She had these damn Disney figurines all over a large table taking up most of the floor space.  Now I hate that kind of stuff.  It reminds me of all the money she wasted over her life on crap when she could have been helping her children.  Oh she would help the two indigent boys with anything but us girls had to tow the mark.  I just see all her collections of crap as selfishness.    I know that is mean but I have to get it off my chest.

     She then sits in the shop and interrupts my work for 3 hours going over her figurines.  I called my besty who does E-bay sales, she could sense the desperation in my voice and came over took pictures and then we could pack the stuff back up.  I actually knocked one over and all most broke it accidentally with a prom dress. 

     Did I get any flowers planted NO!

Did I get any yard work done? No!

Did I get any more caught up in the shop?  No, no NO!

At least I went on a 4 mile walk with Hub's in the evening and bitched the whole time.  I needed that.

This morning hubs and I got up and walked the bridges and then I jumped in the tub.  Mom was not happy about  the morning walk but too bad.  I have to take her to the accountant and then I have several errands that have to be run. Joann's, Buy Mart, Wal-mart, secret shop, Albertsons for a prescription.  Then home to sew and do some yard work I hope.

     I swear on my mother's grave I will do something fun today.  Well I get a walk.

I am cranky can you tell!?????

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I feel your pain. After I spent about 4 days of my life sorting through all of Mom's finances and getting things ready for the accountant she told me I had to be better organized next year because she can't stand the disruption. Amazingly it is not me who misfiles things or lost all the bank statements.

  2. Perhaps having spring break isn't the best thing for you right now as you want to accomplish so much but OTHER stuff (mom's stuff) keeps getting in your way.