Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday, Too many loose ends

     I cannot believe I am leaving tomorrow.  I have so many things I need to get done.  Just small things that are bugging me,  I have decided to get done what needs to be done and forget the rest.  Trust me it will be here when I get back.

  I have one more dress to do.  Mom's taxes are done we will pick them up this morning.  I have been complaining so much I thought I would tell you a few pieces of good luck I had come my way.  I spend way too much time dwelling on the negative and I have way more to be thankful for that I ever realize and admit.

1.  We received a $348.00 check in the mail on a mistake from Hub's SSI.
2.  We over paid a medical bill by $27.11
3.   Hub's broke a tooth yesterday and he has no dental now as we can get our work done free with daughter.  (Cleanings) But major work we will pay half.  So I was expecting at least a $500.00 bill.  Turned out it was a crown that was under warranty so no charge!

     So all of these things help the financial picture.  I am hoping after I return from my daughters to be able to pay off something.  Now I am just excited to see a new grandson.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Have fun with your grandson! I am trying to be more positive as well and focus on the good things in life instead of the bad. I think it's helping.

  2. Nice financial breaks!! You are indeed fortunate!

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  4. Yay! Nice...
    I hope you had a great time!