Saturday, April 2, 2016

Friday, I was a whirlwind!

     It was a whirl wind day yesterday.  I was able to get so much done and I love days like that.  Hub's and I have been working on the front 100 feet of our property.  We are removing the bark and replacing it with rock.  I helped him shovel and scoops up 5 loads into a wheel barrow and then push it up a steep hill and dump it into the back.  Then I was done.  It almost killed me.  Where did my strength go?  But we will work on it more today.  Hopefully finish.  Ha!

     The shop was so busy.  I really had to give up on yard work because I had 8 prom dresses come in with in a few hours.  So I did laundry and really cleaned my desk area, which is also not finished.  Paid all the bills that are due the first of the month and will finish up what is left of the personal today.

     Mom and I did a little grocery shopping and got a few flowers, I also purchased the potatoes and onion sets for the garden.  Maybe I can get Hub's to help me plant them.  The sprinkler system is not turned on yet so we need to be careful what we plant.

     I made a big pot of bean soup with the ham bone from Easter.  I also made a large bowl of egg salad while mom was trying to make Swedish almond cakes for her church.  Then I left her to do my dishes.  Sweet huh! 

     Today I am going out to work in the yard, plant a few things, finish weeding the front bed, hopefully get the very front ready for rock but that will depend on hub's.  He also needs to follow me around the yard and trim and clip the things that are taking over.  I do not have the hand strength to use the big clippers any more.

     I love warm spring weather.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. We are moving the chickens to a new coop/run area in a different corner of the yard, with a covered run so the hawk won't get any more of them. We will not be allowing them to free range the yard any longer as they get too destructive and we get tired of the poop landmines all over the yard. So that is our big Saturday yard project. Have fun in the sun...isn't it glorious today?